Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

one of the car with hard top.....

and one with the soft top.....

the phaeton is still in my drive and it really really has to go.......ebay this week some time i think.

as for the Legerra, well it has given me some fun and games, first it boils up like a kettle....er well it did it now has a much larger radiator and some ducting on the radiator. it seems to make a difference.

the car goes quite well but it did have a hot staring issue which turns out to be a duff ballast resistor even though the car has electronic ignition. easy to fix and the car now starts hot reliably.

the suspension is very stiff and it will be softened up a bit, but the car handles quite well.

it has a MG miget dash in the car and i feel it really suits the car....more pictures later

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Up on axle stands...new bell housing arrived so it's getting modded to fit the mondeo starter motor before I muck about fitting it with the engine and making new engine mounts etc ....removed the old pinto exhaust.....now have to strip out the front suspension and sort out the lousy geometry. Other than the ARB mod (already done...)


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