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Can anyone help me identify this part so I can order a new one.


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I've got those in three sizes :) is it the fixed by two bolts type or the sliding type with the U clips on the back?

its the sliding type with the u clips

Got a few on the shelf Neville, i'll get you a price in the morning but they are not expensive.

£4.98 each + postage
Description : Wheel Brake Cylinder
OE System : KL16R
Fitment : 86, 115
Chassis Note :
Bore Dia.: 17,8 mm, Mounting Bores Distance: 32 mm
Part Note : Thread Size: 3/8 24 UNF, Aluminium, Fitting Position: Rear Axle
LPR part number is 4945
Fits : 
Ford Escort 1.6 Mexico MK 1 (1967-1975) - Saloon - Part fitment dates 01/70-10/75  
Ford Escort RS1600 MK 1 (1967-1975) - Saloon - Part fitment dates 01/70-10/74 
1599cc, 4 cyl, OHV cam, 8v
I'll have two please....can you give me a total with the p&p and the bushes plus your email and I'll PayPal the money.

There are only two of us in tomorrow but hopefully i'll get a chance to send the minion down the PO with them before lunch.


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