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I'm going to have a go soon at repairing some of the cracks on the front end of the Phaeton.

I've watched some tutorials and understand making sure its clean, repairing from the rear with plenty of resin and  and a few layers of matting, just after some advice on certain repairs as they aren't all the same.

First up this one

It has already been repaired on the underside, how is best to go about sorting out this side?

Next up is this one

The tutorials said you should make a fresh cut through the crack to open it up a bit and then repair from the rear. I'm reluctant to make it bigger as it fits back together quite well.

Last up these ones

Removed the spot light, repair from the rear and then do what from the front side? fill the crack with some resin and then a skim of filler or just build it up with filler?

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I've used the same method as DA to remove the old resin without killing the mesh of the matting.

Apply acetone or celly thinners to the crack before rear matting. Work it into the crack and it should loosen the resin. It may take several applications to get it loose enough. Apply heat from a hairdryer or a low heat hot air gun to dry the matting out thoroughly and then apply resin and matting from the rear to seal the crack and hold it in place. When thats gone off work resin in from the front to join the matting back together. If you add pigment then you may even be able to get an approximate colour match.

ACETONE.......wash the cracks with plenty of acetone it will disolve all of the old resin out then reapply fresh resin and extra matting to the rear. When I blanked off the headlights even after the crash they held firm
I've bought some acetone. How about sorting the front of the crack after repairing behind with fresh matting and resin? I'm happy to do as Daryl said just interested on other peoples opinions

Once you have removed the damaged resin, apply liquid resin to the crack to join the matting back together then the amount of filler will be minimal in fact you could fill the crack with resin completely, block sand it out once it starts to level out with the body surface and just keep applying resin to any low spots.

This is the worst bit, may need to be cut off and reattached. I'm going to leave that until i've sorted all the other bits!

Do it in two stages, use a couple of pop rivets and a back plate on the extremeties (one inboard and one outboard) to hold it in place while you dissolve whatever is currently holding it all together. If you cut it you'll have a gap that will always be weaker than the original. Joining the original mat back together with a backing strengthener will hold together better than a cut and shut job.


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