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some pics of the rebuild process,

the top trailing arm bracket is broke......

the diff is sloping back a little (looking up) so that will need sorting.......

As you can see there isn't a lot of bracing in an S1 chassis, that will be sorted.

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some more progress, somewhat delayed because Sandra told me Friday that her car needed an MOT so in it went Saturday....and failed on 3 brake pipes and one tyre was a different size on the rear of the car...odd as it has never had tyres since she owned it so it was there last years MOT. basically taking the car to MOT and all the prep work done before and then sorting the problems afterwards took all day. So at 1700 i was able to play with mine.

My Xmas pressy came into use and jolly good it was too

Look no engine and gearbox, whilst i have fitted a clutch this is the first time the gearbox has been out of the car whilst in my possession.

At least i can paint over the dodgy colour scheme left by the previous owner, and i can sort the rack position and mounts. Or fit the ford front end for which i still need to acquire parts for (callipers and wishbones)

Those curved flat bars on the front are my Radiator mounts and very well they work as well, i can flex them out of the way and lift the radiator out in 5 minutes, when in use the radiator is firmly fixed in place with no movement.

A little more today...I had to do some DIY on some flat pack furniture,

so i have put a gusset along the top of the rear of the car as i think it needed one here, also

some triangulation on the transmission tunnel and the door front edge has had a fillet added to the chassis instead of the wood filler it had before. This is a huge help with waterproofing the cars whilst it's moving. and sealing the doors to the car edge.

Does the door have any extra fixings to the fillet (velcro or the like) to stop water ingression or is it just the fact that the door has more area to seal against ? 


When the cockpit capping's are on, all i do is stick a 20mm wide 5mm thick foam strip to the car side to follow the door opening. Once the door has been fitted and bent to shape to the side of the car it actually seals very well. Wind pressure is enough to ensure a good seal. The fillet to the front edge is because there is a small gap on my car (and other S1/2's i have seen) when the door is closed and it is amazing how much water got in.

This small mod along with the rounded fillet to the door where it meets the rear wing, makes the car very dry.

this weekends progress.......not much but enough especially as i have a cold and working in the garage is just what it needs......NOT.

I have made new shocker top mounts and worked on the bottom ones, they will be cut off the axle and remade and repositioned. I may even make the bracket with a choice of mountings to give the shocker some adjustment for ride height and load.....or not.

I have also removed and made anew one of the axle trailing arm mounts, the axle now moves smoothly up and down in the chassis with out binding. Hopefully the excessive axle bush wear will be a thing of history. the panhard rod is not perfectly positioned but it is quite close to it, so i don't know what to do.

Sandra's redecorating the down stairs .....which means i am doing a bit as well..... :(  however i have managed to put new shocker mounts on the axle. They have three holes for the shocks so i can alter the ride height by 2"....hope it works out.

this is the progress....

the brake pipe will be replaced its only on at the moment to keep the dirt out.

you can see that the new top trailing arm is at a slightly different angle to the lower one to reflect the different mounting points on the chassis.....

you can see the new shocker mounts and  the three mounting holes to allow some small adjustment to the ride height on my new but non adjustable shockers. they have to angle in and over slightly for all three holes to align with the shocker bottom mount bolts.

The double bracket at the back of the O/S side of the axle is for my panhard rod the top bracket was the first mounting point and the lower was where i decided it needed to be after driving it for a while....both are in fact wrong the ideal position is slightly lower than the top.......so it will do.

looking good Dave, does the panhard rod still clear the fuel tank?


It does.....it sits between the fuel tank and the axle.....it is a “snug“ fit.
That has been sugested but the cockpit tub and some of the bracketry i have removed were all quite weighty so overall there won't be much in it.

this is a bit of a cheat really, but i promised myself that i would have the chassis painted by the end of January......

well the chassis was about 95% there so i painted it in red oxide today as i got home early from work and made use of the time

the front wishbones top mounts will be adjusted at the weekend i cannot afford the Ford set up this year as there is so much to do to fit it.....that said i will need to fit new trunnions and weld the wishbones where the previous owner drilled out the trunnion bolt hole so he could align the swivel joint to the top wishbone. So even though the wishbone was mounted at the correct angle for the "castor angle" the castor was not right because the swivels were "adjusted" to a more vertical angle to match up to the top wishbone mounts......GRRR GRRR. Pillock!

I have been trying to figure a way to keep the triumph front end....for now....but the castor and camber are hopelessly out of true. there is no practical way to use what i have so last night me and my angle grinder had a bit of a session and now the top wishbone mounts and shocker top mount are on the floor consigned very soon to the bin.
the top wish bones will be mounted as the bottom ones are....on bolt on brackets, these will be wider than they need to be so i can adjust both camber and castor. problem sorted.


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