Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

some pics of the rebuild process,

the top trailing arm bracket is broke......

the diff is sloping back a little (looking up) so that will need sorting.......

As you can see there isn't a lot of bracing in an S1 chassis, that will be sorted.

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the big tom is very good at following me. the others less so. the thing is cats dont respect boundary’s gates and high fences / walls just dont phase them they go where they want. 8  foot high fences are just aerial walk ways.

had the neighbours 2x cats on my sierra today. warming in the winter sun . dogs were not happy lol

Yeah, them Sierra do attract pussy :-))

I can't find what page you are on Dave

If you click on my reply it takes you thee......

O.K. it is this tablet thing, gone on the big desktop Flintstone computer and it clicked on it.

My Dunlop tracking gauges got used for real today.....

I had set the car up by eye......and it came in at 1 degree toe in....not bad but I adjusted it to 20 minutes toe in.

My camber gauge got used as well.....I have set both sides to .75mm negative 

All nipped up and adjusted....

"0.75mm"? what is that in degrees? My Legerra is about 2.5 degrees negative, which means that the outside wheel is pretty much vertical when cornering at the limit of grip. My body roll is virtually 3 degrees, two up, or 2 degrees solo (measured from photos of the car in action at Castle Combe). Of course, I didn't set that up - it was like that.

Yes James but does the car body roll or not??? -:))

Yeah....that would be 0.75 degrees negative camber....oops......my front suspension is quite stiff.......it's trial and error for a while.

Too much neg camber James. Trying to measure roll based on a photograph is not very accurate, you'll have tyre deflection which will appear to look like roll from an outside view.

Well the car is insured from Saturday this next week... (14/1/17) but it's still not quite there.......roof needs securing at the front and the doors need a strap to secure them shut.

It'll be a few weeks after I get the MOT before its done fully.....


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