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So i've had HPG128K for a few years now, basically tried to reconstruct something from scrap and parts lying around the garage so it was always going to be rough as ***k. At some point in the future I may actually get around to doing it up nicely but don't hold yer breath. These are some observations and tips from Sierra owners, if you have anything useful to add please feel free to do so.

Sierra II

Don't fit a sunroof- The ridges on the roof store quite a large amount of water which WILL find a way in as soon as you change the angle the car is parked at, normally landing in your lap or down the back of your neck.

There are supposed to be braces between the 'roll bar' and the door lock to stop the sides from bending in when you shut the door. I don't have these and regret not making some. If anyone does have a photo of one I'd appreciate a look.

The rear load area floor is really thin in places and will distort if you try to climb in the back possibly causing cracks in the floor to body join.

A mk2/3 Capri heater box is a good replacement for the old escort tin box jobbie and will improve the ventilation on the Sierra. Motors to replace the Bosch original are a ridiculous price though. Worth fitting a 6 inch or 7 inch radiator cooling fan if the old one dies.

The lack of inner wings makes the engine bay prone to flooding in wet conditions.

Making a sump guard is big and tough and also helps to streamline the underside of the engine bay.

Split rear doors are useful if done right, tow bars are shin killers if youre trying to put something in the back. Spare tyre bars can be useful but in most cases just mean you have to leave a large gap behind the car.

27" tyres make it VERY heavy to park 

Chunky 1

The standard Cortina / Capri radiator and plastic water pump fan is totally adequate to keep anything upto a 2000cc pinto cool but does mean the front bumper has to be cut back a bit as it needs to go in front of the cross member.

Get the steering wheel straight by putting the column between the brake and clutch pedals, steering at a weird angle will fry brain cells after a while.

And a couple of questions.

Has anyone fitted a full cage inside or even diagonals down to the chassis behind the main hoop?

If so where did you fix them to?

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Must admit to looking at that S3 that was for sale thinking about a rebody. Got pretty wet the other day with the leaks in the roof.

Escort bodgers can do one. not having my Sierra for recycling. If anyone is going to do that it'll be me.

I was thinking about a plate but more like sliding steel under the body on top of the chassis, not arsed about keeping the weight down as it went over the weighbridge at 1075KGs last time :( too late to worry about a diet ...

It would blend well underneath then, plenty more rust to match up to.

I've got a harness bar fitted to my roll bar. Rebody noooo man don't do it just fix the one you have. Don't strip another poor Sierra. I've got aluminum sheeting in the rear loading Bay of mine (needs to support a fishing box) my inner wings are sheeted out in aluminum as well.

my shell has been modified with filler :( there are bits that need to be rectified. And I got a cracked and blistered rear 1/4 on the nearside. Mother nature did that for me.

I wouldn't strip one but that one I saw was already stripped by an escort restorer :(

Mine was the same bad repair on top of bad repair. Full of bad filler and fiberglass. The doors were really bad as we're the front wings on mine. But 40year old fiberglass they haven't done too bad. Most other 40+ year old cars are well fekd. But it defo hasn't put me of of infact I'm going to be looking at getting a leggera or a s1 phaeton next 

I know of an S2 that needs a good home with a lot of TLC and a legerra thats pretty well sorted but would be priced accordingly.


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