Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I have a show lined up for Sunday, B+ all fed and watered, let's hope the sun remains. Saturday is a mix of having to do some work (at work) and having to do more work ( at home) might a get a run out across the moors Saturday evening if it's fine. Dutton time :-))

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Show is at Basingstoke, should have mentioned that :-)

That must be a fair distance from Plymouth Steve , may need the Landrover  for towing -:)

yey thank god its been a long winter 

I don't break down Daryl, it's not a noddy !

Oh yeah I forgot you don't have one ------------yet

Yet?? I cannot see me even sitting in one let alone owning one, you've made me come over all strange, at the thought of it. Yuk! :-)

what about one with a v6 in it ???

It would be missing 2 cylinders Brian.  V8 is the way to go .  

would a v8 fit ???

ME109 engine  - now, there's a rarity

No Mr King it would still be 2 pots short ,BMW V10 is the way to go

ok how about a r1 in the back...???


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