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My main task this winter is the replacement of the B+ clutch. My main concern is getting good quality replacement parts. So, are Borg and Beck and Quinton Hazell still OK. Or is some little girl knocking them out in Vietnam. Or, is there a better supplier. Ebay seems to list the above, but says it fits all sorts, suitable for Sprint. Not a cheap, fast job, so don't want to be doing it twice.

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Do you have a QH part number Steve and i'll see whats available.

Thanks Ade, will have a dig about, should have come to you first :-)

I checked our usual daily supplier and they don't even list one for the dolly sprint. QH number can be cross referenced with Autocat so I will have a list of possible manufacturers to give you.

Done it, according to ebay the part number is QKT151AF so i'll have a look when I get to the shop. There are QH and BnB ones on ebay and I don't know if I can match those prices but i'll have a look.

The Borg and Beck seems competitive, I just wondered if it is genuine or a "johnny foreigner"  any one know where the parts are now sourced? Just been told a Saab 99 Turbo clutch fits and is heavy duty and still made in Europe. I wonder??

Been mad at work this afternoon but have brought the laptop home so will check later. Don't suppose you know the reg of the donor car do you Steve... stupid computer just lovces feeding me wrong answers unless I feed it registration numbers.

Original number? Now there's a question :-)

Doesn't matter if you don't have it, I'm sure google will give me another sprint with a reg I can use for parts tracing.

Just ready to pull the engine, bolts all loose, just the manifold to free off, from the B+, I've gone down, bang, with some bloody virus or other. Head full of sh*t and cannot open my eyes for more then 10 seconds, I need tea and sympathy in a big bucket :-)

Good luck with that requirement.

aw steve. get the nurses in bud. :-)


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