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Morning guys,

Can anyone advise on a steering issue that has developed on my car, all of a sudden I'm only getting one complete turn of the wheel to the left instead of the usual turn and a half, it doesn't affect driving just low speed manouvering? Only noticed it this morning as I tried to turn out of my drive, all was well yesterday?

I'm guessing a new steering rack is needed :-(

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id check your rack is secured properly . where it bolts to the crossmember just a thought :-)

sorry column not rack 

Thanks for your help, I'll investigate tonight.

this is what I found in the gaiter....looks like the end of the steering  box casting.....not sure on the screw...looks like its from a jubilee clip but no bits of one appear to be there

new steering rack then neville. if its mk1 escort only about £50-90 

The other end is ok but new rack it is then.
Shall I go for a quick rack or keep the standard 3.5?

Got a 2.4 rack going in mine, but it's not a road car. Standard rack for road use I'd reckon.

How does that work, only putting it on one side? Does that just mean that you have to adjust the track rods to re-centre the steering? I notice that my Legerra turns much more sharply to the left on lock than it does to the right.

I guess that a quick rack might make sense if you want to increase your chances of catching a tail slide but I struggle with the steering forces on the track and I think I'd need to work out to build my muscles if I had a faster rack.

I've got the Corsa power steering column to fit to offset the lowered rack ratio - you'd need the upper body strength of a gorilla to do a 3 point turn otherwise!

@ roy lol :-)


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