Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

How many of you are going this year. And is there going to be the owners club there. And why does the owners club not have a used parts stall or area where you can buy and sell or even trade parts. There is always a few duttons on show and defo a few owners their, their must be people interested in parts no just me. 

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We do have a parts store (sort of) I've been collecting (hoarding) parts for a couple of years now, either from people who just wanted rid of them or from cars that have been 'endangered' by selling them cheap on ebay, which have then been rescued and stored at my place. There are other little stashes up and down the country. Getting them all to Stoneleigh would be a massive excercise involving a decent sized lorry or two.

I don't mind bringing odd bits down but as I like taking my Legerra I am restricted for space. I could always bring the Legerra on a trailer behind the van but that wouldn't be any fun.

I'll be going to the show but my Dutton isn't ready to make the journey.

Is the club going to be there? Will Duttons be on show?

I've never been to the Stoneleigh show before but have been to classic car shows, I assume they run a very similar format.

I hope I get to meet some of you guys there.

You will love it. I go every year,we arrive on the sat night and leave on the Sunday. This will be my first year in a dutton rite enough and I can't wait.

Monday afternoon we leave not Sunday lol

The DOC will have a club stand.

Attendance has been in decline since our record of 53 cars back in 2005 however we do still get a few.

Stoneleigh is a big sprawling event. Last time I went (skipped last year due to injury) there were two exhibitors halls, one hall of trade stands and a load of outside stands along with all the different clubs having individual parking areas. 

I'll try and find a picture of the showground layout.

Have a root around on the event website (partly out of date) the site plan doesn't change much.

53 that's a lot of cars. Declining numbers are not good,but I no a few members that can't physically take their cars anymore. The distance we come for the show it's can be a sore drive for them :'(

Had a long chat with Alfie about that very subject.
Its about 110 miles for me each way and I often commute each day so I can swap cars. Camped once, near froze to death as I wasnt prepared for the chill on monday morning. Slept in my old Sierra back in 2005, never doing that again either.

I can appreciate the distances you guys travel and long journeys in a small cockpit can be very uncomfortable.

Yeah it is a treck, but we stay in the hotel every year. Got to be comfortable ma boy. Us lot up here are like kids at the min It's like the run up to Xmas for us lol. Alfie's a good Spud shame he can't do it anymore. Especially with his car it looks and sounds amazing now.

That V8 burble :)

It was -6C on one night that I camped in 2016, it made a nice picture in the morning though.

Must have been horrific mate. I work outside everyday can't do the camping thing anymore I'm a big girls blouse when it comes to camping lol

We shall be making the usual voyage with the two kits up from essex. See you guys there


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