Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

OK Duttoneer's following up on Ade's Events, we've got the North Wales Spring Tour, Stoneleigh, Hoghton Tower Lancashire Classic Car & Bike show in June.

Where else are we going?



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Uttoxeter is a possibility but I reckon that'll be a lads day out in march... bit chilly still.

Cholmondley and Capesthorne are probably within range.

Newark, but i'll have to shoot off like last year and do the dads day thing on the sunday if its on the same day.

Stafford, which I haven't added to the list yet.

I still think that Martin and Steve need 'build projects' to keep them busier than they already are. 


there is of course the possible trip to the German Owners Club "do" in May/June at it's usual location in Kevelaer, and the German Owners Club is coming over here the last week in June/first week July for the Goodwood festival of speed, they would like to meet with some UK Duttoners.
Goodwood sounds like we should all get behind it a great event without a Dutton, even better with it !
Was in the Chippy with Foggy just before Christmas, didn't complain once just bought some chip's and went.

Daryl Heasman said:
You should have tried Brands Hatch Stephen on WSB day when Foggy was riding ,130 000 people trying to get out at once ,we used stay on the campsite  for 4 nights,what a riot  

stephen kerswell said:

Went to Goodwood last year, one big traffic jam to get in, worst getting out and the queue for the loo's didn't impress the missus either. Expensive day out, but I enjoyed it, the hill climb was superb fun to watch. Stood next to Carl Fogarty and listened to his rant about s#it riders and s*it bikes, cars and ponsy F1 boys!! it was great, Take an empty credit card if you want to eat!

      As for Germany, how do you get accomodation or do you just "ruff it" under a portacabin in a bivvy or something. 

Alex Hugo said:

Goodwood sounds like we should all get behind it a great event without a Dutton, even better with it !
Hee! sounds like we should re-name the site Owd Codger's Duttoneer's. I remember when 6d would take you to the pictures saturday morning, get you a bottle of milkman orange, and a bag of Smith's crisp's with the little blue bag of salt. Oh! and a Beano.

I grew up 5 miles from Brands Hatch, used to jump the fence every sunday and go sit on the south bank. Addicted to the smell of Castrol R I went on to join the St Johns for two years, then Bexley light car club (based in the Kentagon) finally ended my 'track days' as a marshall for the shell oils rallycross champion ship in '84 / '85... so don't talk to me about old farts...


Just checked the cost of tickets for Goodwood, £116.00 for the weekend, Cheapest £20.00 for Thursday, when nobody will be there. They even want £200.00 to camp + £116.00 to get in.

It will stay on my wish list, I won't be going.

Nice House Lord March.

I'd rather put the money to a run to France. That's always been on the wish list. Even had a 914 Porsche alla Steve Mcqueen opening credits to the film. 18 months of tin smithing to bring it back to life, but that's me rambling now.
Ferry £70 return, Formula 1 hotel room 29€ Thursday night, Campsite on Mulsanne straight 32€, weekend ticket 67€, + fuel. Hmmmmm
Sandra and I went to France in July last year with my S1 and it was a blast, we are planning to do the same again this year.


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