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Here we are again another Duttoneering year about to begin.
Mr Heap is rebuilding his engine, following a little end knock, work is well under way and will soon be back together.
Lenn is also getting on with business, and the restoration of his S2 is nearing completion. Maybe not ready for the spring tour, but we are sure he'll be in the driving seat before the end of summer.
Martin has been busy rebuilding the suspension on the Westfield and polishing.
Ade is always busy keeping the daily driver on the road, and I am sure he'll be modifying and repairing right up to the morning of the tour.
Steve Kerry's new Legerra is still in sorting mode, but no excuses this year. He passes the mantle of support vehicle not to Lenn and Jan.

As for my Phaeton, well next week it's going into storage at a friends workshop, whilst we get on with the house move up to Cumbria, she needs a full set of tyres, but everything else is working, so leave well alone. I'll move the Phaeton to cumbria once we get settled, then everyday is a Lakes tour day for me.

This year we are touring the lakes starting in our usual way from the Black Dog in Belmont travelling to Tebay for a re-group where myself and Marian will join the tour, and the Breakfast stop. From there it off to Appleby, the rest is still in planning, but with an over night stop at Muncaster Castle. The following day will continue with high fell passes, visiting Coniston and much more.

Wishing you all a Happy Duttoneering year.

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We use this forum all the time, no problems for us Wayne.
You forgot FB and our TND website. We mainly use Twitter when on tour. This site has been active since Oct 2008 and as been used everyday since then, just going back over your post asking for info on how to do something or what you are building, got you the best info in how to do the job and interest in what you are up to.
What more do you want?
That not A problem Wayne always something go on, most of us are on here, if not posting, certainly on the side.

Mines going to take more than a polish this year 

Get the mop out Ade

Hey Wayne, if it's so bad on here? What's keeping you ???

Well 24 days to go until the first run out of the spring. The Duttoneers are getting the cars ready, DT 's Phaeton is MOT'd and Taxed still needs tyres and a polish, Steve H also MOT'd his S1 and has rebuilt the engine after finding a knocking little end. Martin at last update had the Westfield's rear suspension in bits rebushing he should have that back together shortly. Ade as an MOT on the Leggy, going off the e-mail I just received, and Steve K as the blue Leggy running, just the brakes to sort. Lenn is still deep into the rebuild of his S2, it will not be ready for the Spring tour, but maybe the end of Summer run will see it on the road.
Last meeting of TND before the Tour is tomorrow see above for details.
We just need this weather to dry up a bit. Happy Duttoneering.
MOT, check
Tax, check
Tyres, check
Insurance, check
We are ready, and from tomorrow night Daisy Dutton will live in Cumbria.

Exhaust rubbers need replacing, o/s engine mount needs welding, rear flexi needs changing, front suspension needs reassembly, brakes need bleeding (i bought one of those things to make life easy) interior needs a dam good clean and THEN I can think about polishing the white marks out (again).

Other than that i'm good... 

I did about 40 miles on the motorway yesterday, surrounded by leaves, bits of paper and a baseball cap blowing around the cockpit.

You litterbug, you :-)


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