Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

The Northern Duttoneers Spring run to the Lakes is just 27 days away, feverish work being done up here in the North to get all the cars ready.

This is one of the best weekends of Duttoneering you'll ever have, fast roads, amazing countryside great company with the other Northern Duttoneers. The route is planned and possibily printed already (got to have the maps, no Sat nav for us), hotel sorted, and tour Polo shirts ordered. Just bring on the FUN. I love Duttoneering.

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hmmm pot kettle misspelt :-)

I'll go quietly... As long as the rain stays below torrential it will be fine.

The first trip we had snow so ....

We don't need SUN to have Fun up here, we'd be waiting for ever.


Hardknot was so much fun the first time and I do believe I have a video somewhere, I will look it out and youtube it, might have to use the bleeper though, Sue was swearing a bit by that stage, mainly at me.

There will be more video this year as I am going to be fully camera laden.

The new tour polo shirts arrived today, the one on the left, the green one on the right is to match my Phaeton

Steve K is back on with the rebuild. With 21 days till the Lakes Tour, we have to push on to get Steve Phaeton finished and MOT'd.

Steve is busy making up the dashboard, I have wired up the ignition, and we have got it to turn over on the button. After we finish the wiring it's just a case off bolting things together, and possibily a lick of paint just so he can get on the tour.

Get In...

So, anything you need from me Dave?

Tools, Hands, Paint Guns?

Moral support at the moment Ade, if we both stick with it chances are Steve and Kath will be in the Lakes with the Phaeton.

I once helped built a Porsche 914 from a body shell straight from the paint shop in 24 hours for a local show, so a Phaeton should be easy, We'll see!!!

Martin can come and take my axle off while I go help put the phaeton together.

I was going to do the brakes this weekend but think I would be better employed changing the whole rear end. brakes, diff whine and bushes all in one hit.

The paint has arrived for the car too. Not touching that until we get back from the lakes.

Even more work done on Steve's Phaeton, contiued to wire the cockpit. Got the lights working, heater fan, horn and finished the igition circuit. Steve carried on with the building of the Dash. We even had a visit from Mr Southgate in the Legerra. There is a faint glimmer of light at from the far end of the tunnel finally.

I also had a blast around the block in my Phaeton, que stupid big grin.

As you probably all know I am 'elfing' it next weekend and am fairly busy this week, but I am happy to call in on the way home from work to further progress if required. If you are missing anything ask as I might just have one stashed somewhere.

Cheers Ade, will do. We maee goor progress today, but now know I need to do a bit of re-wiring of what we have done

Finally got the column Stalks wired and working tonight on Steve's Phaeton. Winning the lottery would have been easier, it's take about 5 hours with a multimeter trying to work out what each pin does not easy when you just have the switches and no plugs or wires only the function numbers on the switches. I had searched the internet for 2 nights trying to find what the numbers meant.

Then today at one of my customers I was telling him of the struggle with the wiring and just said the stalks were from a Transit, then from under his desk he pulled a Haynes Transit manual for the exact match to the stalks, when I opened it to the wiring diagrams on page one there it was a full list of all the numbers and there function. RESULT!

I had got half of them correct, but some the wrong way round. So tonight we have lights working, Indicators working, horn working and washers wired, still need to connect up the wipers, but thats the hard part done.



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