Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

The Northern Duttoneers Spring run to the Lakes is just 27 days away, feverish work being done up here in the North to get all the cars ready.

This is one of the best weekends of Duttoneering you'll ever have, fast roads, amazing countryside great company with the other Northern Duttoneers. The route is planned and possibily printed already (got to have the maps, no Sat nav for us), hotel sorted, and tour Polo shirts ordered. Just bring on the FUN. I love Duttoneering.

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Another night, another step closer just the wipers to connect and the instrument light fitted. Steve is finishing the dashboard, then its just a case of fitting all the gauges then we can get on with the interior fit out. 12 days to MOT.

As Steve Heap would say, "5 Sleeps to the tour" It's nearly here, the first tour of the year for us in the North. Final planning took place yesterday, and was helped along by just a few glasses on vino.

My Phaeton is Taxed for another 6 months today, always feel cheated she is not 10 months old to meet the tax exemption.

Steve Kerry's Phaeton is very close to completion, and an MOT is booked for Friday, (now that is cutting it fine).

If you feel like meeting us along the way, we will be at Hawkshead for Lunch on Saturday, and Keswick on Sunday afternoon.

2 sleeps and we're on our way. Hard Knott we're coming to get you...

Whoo ahhhh! 1 sleep, Phaeton now has new plugs, washed and polished (again), I even managed to fill the tank without much queuing. We are ready.

On the bad side Steve Kerry's Phaeton beat us last night, all week we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, it turned out to some block with a torch looking for a bit that had fallen off his Dutton. Bleed screws snapped off and then the easi-out snapped in one of them. It's a B*****R we are so depressed, but we had a good try just run out of hours. It will be ready for Easter though.

I'll try and post photos and a bit of a blogg on Saturday night.

Having just come in from the garage wishing that they made silencers for power tools I can tell you all it's quite mild out of the wind.

Car is a mess inside, NO tools packed as I was using them upto about ten minutes ago.

Today I fitted a new propshaft, a right result @ £120 inc vat, got some rubber on the spare rim, made and fitted a new sub box/rear shelf assembly and found out that my alternator light is on when the engine is running, very dim I grant you but on all the same. Seems like the fire may have whanged the alternator too. As this is a known fault, if we come across an alternator en route then I beg to be allowed to fit it without the breakdown clause being put into effect.

Due to being in the garage I failed to go and fill up, this probably means a queue at tesco's in the morning, not impressed Mr Cameron, you and your big mouth...


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