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My Pinto engine Legerra has developed a rather irritating carburettor problem, where the secondary throttle does not close fully unless I snap the throttle shut. Normally this manifests itself when I am driving sensibly - I back off and the engine just keeps on. The only cure is to stamp on the accelerator and then drop it again.

I have had a look at the mechanism and everything seems fine - the shaft is just binding. Undoing the carb mounting bolts pretty much cures the binding but that'll lead to air leaks. I have tried fitting a second larger spring around the standard one and it improves the situation ... but does not cure it.

Should I just keep adding springs or is there something else that I should do?

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I think I would try a thicker gasket or try lapping the flanges it looks like you are distorting the card body which is causing the binding.

This happens a lot on progressive choke carbs where you drive like a pussy so the second choke hardly ever gets used and the throttle shaft starts to corrode making the action stiff. Strip the carb right down and clean everything then carefully reassemble and check the action is smooth. If it gets left too long various parts of the mechanism wear badly and make the action worse. Long term solution don't drive like a pussy:))))

Yeah, right! On the way home from the MOT I had to race a BMW from the lights, just to show him who's a pussy. I've never done a standing start with my track day tyres on before, but I managed to spin the wheels nicely. He ate my dust! (or maybe he wasn't racing)

The car stood unused for 10 months and my new garage had ventilation problems, so everything got damp. There was mould on the seats, steering wheel and carpets, so there might be corrosion in the carb. That's my excuse anyway.


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