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I've been looking at the engine compartment of my V6 Malaga B+. Has anyone seen the steering column go through the fan belt like this before? I need some advice.

I think my options are: 

1) fit 3 or 4 UJ's into the steering column and take it around the outside of the belt. This might add slop into the steering which would be bad for fast driving and track days but it would stop the steering column crushing my chest when I crash the car into the barrier.

2) replace the water pump with an electric one and keep everything else the same.

3) the same as 2 but replace the steering column with a collapsible one.

4) do nothing.

Any ideas?

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is that belt deflected by the column or twisted. Seems odd. Shift alternator? 1" outboard, interesting changing a belt :-)


It is a twist in the belt. The belt is clear of the steering column. There is a bulge in the bonnet to make room for the alternator so I think I'm a bit stuck with that where it is unless I can move it lower, but then I think it will interfere with the steering column and/or the exhaust.

Changing the belt looks like a whole load of hassle. I shall have to find out soon as the belt is looking pretty tatty (as well as twisted).

That is the water pump, Daryl. Power steering would be a nice idea. I thought that maybe remove that pump and fit a shorter fan belt. I'd have a bit of a challenge in connecting to the block with an electric one though. Plus there is a heater in the car (for demisting maybe?)

There may be space to relocate the alternator above the oil filter, go dual belt system driven off the crank?

So, crank pulley driven V belt, what does that monster pulley drive, the one directly above the crank?

Looking at Burtons it seems it's sole purpose is to drive the mechanical fan.

Move the alternator to the opposite side, remove that fan pulley, belt will bypass below steering column.

Interesting idea, Ade. In that picture I wonder how the fan belt is tensioned? You will also see there is a blanking plate facing towards the camera where the mechanical fuel pump goes and also the water outlet comes out at right angles to the axis of the engine so it avoids the fan (that I don't have). Of course I don't need a mechanical fuel pump - I have a facet one in my 'stock' cupboard. The alternator would probably have to be high up, above (and outboard of) the cylinder head - the mirror of its current position. That is worth further investigation.

I've acquired one of those mini denso alternators from a hyundai copen (little convertible thing) two ear fixing directly opposed and a second fixing on one side. Will be developing plans to do a crossflow and pinto bracket so it can go in the same place but take less room but it still gives 70A max. The only issue is the pulley which is 4pk multi rib not a V belt, be nice if you could get the pulleys for the Essex to take a 4pk belt. I'm sure there is a tensioner out there which could be bolted to a mounted plate to deflect the belt (even your V belt) around the column.

Didn't realise there was more gubbins missing from that engine, picture came off Burtons website so I blame them. 

An idler! That's the one. Good idea, Ade.

I think you would need to make your own mounting plate to fit on the front of the alternator mount but there are loads of idler pulleys available in all sizes and fittings.

I can't see the gap between your alternator bracket and the aux belt. I have a pulley here which would require a mount of some description but it's a 1" wide pulley with another 1" of tube on the back.

Photo acquired.

On my screen thats pretty much actual size.

I found this one, ebay 232562339838 "MERCEDES VIANO W639 2.2D Aux Belt Idler Pulley 2010 on". It doesn't have sides to guide the belt but I'm guessing that the two pulleys on either side will be enough to keep things in line.

I'll check tomorrow to see what it would cost me to get you one of those if you want.

That other Vauxhall pulley in still on the shelf if you would prefer.


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