Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Well looks like the site as died since Daryl deleted himself

Last post 20th March, not counting this one that is.

Looks like he was keeping it going, Daryl come back the site needs you

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Picking up the trailer today. Picking up my pile of bits (B Type) over the weekend and then trying to find a way to store it that won't result in a divorce or neighbourhood disputes. Watch this space because I will probably require advice and plenty of replacement parts, most of which will be almost impossible to find if past projects are anything to go by.

Andrew, as the caretaker of Duttons numbering in double digits I am an expert in the art of vehicle camouflage, happy to offer advice or blue tarp (always good) to hide stuff under.

As a parts retailer i'm struggling to find triumph parts. I'm hoping that as QH rebuild the stock of 'classic' parts (which they have started doing) they will pick up the triumph as well as the ford and other BL stuff. in the mean time, any help I can give just ask, not exactly a long way off. 

Does first line still have any listings ?

I can't remember seeing any on Autocat but I'll check tomorrow when i'm in the shop. It's not finding part numbers though, it's translating the number into a physical part. Just not easy to get any more.

Having bought a copy of TKC, you know how it is when you get back into a hobby, I have read that the Dutton Owners Club will be attending the Stoneleigh National Kit Car Motor Show, is anyone attending? I will be there without the car but it would be nice to gain inspiration from seeing road going versions and chatting all things Dutton.

I (and my Girlfriend) shall be attending as a punter as my car is similarly indisposed as well.

I shall be going for Sunday and camping until Monday but I will be in a tin top as my one remaining Dutton is undergoing a major (i.e. very slow) refurbishment.

Has anyone out there got any of the following Dutton items cluttering up their garage/workshop?

1) Dutton spare wheel - the one with Ford/Triumph centres

2) Dutton B Type fibreglass headlight surround 

3) Any information on the light units that fit in the fibreglass headlights

4) Any information on how they fit in

5) Hillman Imp hinges for the Dutton boot lid

6) Dutton Phaeton front grill or information on what it came off.

Having been inspired by my Sunday visit to Stoneleigh I have every intention of taking my now pile of bit to next year’s show. 

i pop by from time to time....

me too. not as lively as it used to be. 


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