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Well after a thought that I may sell my phaeton...things have changed.
I got it running after being parked up for years and it reminded me why I fell in love with the car.....So it's not going anywhere now.
I'm getting married in June so the task is now to give the dutton some much needed tlc.
I'm finally getting around to doing a few changes that I've always planned. Rear end has been reshaped slightly and I get to fit some nice lights.
I have been stripping the front end and managed to damage one of the indicators, what are they from...they look like defender units to me ?
Any help will be much appreciated.

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BL standard glass rounds from landys, mini's etc. Plastic and clear lenses are available. In fact I'm 99% sure I have a spare set in the unit. I'll have a look if you can make do with 'used' I'll send them down to you.

New of used I have no preference. My issue is not really the lenses, they are fine.
The little nuts and bolts holding the base plates on were seized....badly and I couldn't get them undone, so I used the good old angle grinder but damaged the base plates.
I thought they were landrover ones.
If I could find some base plates I could use what I have, or maybe if I need to buy new I will go for clear items or possible led.
If you have some lights I would certainly be interested, rather than paying to make eBay wealthier

Round there doing stuff to the legerra's tomorrow so will have a root around.

If you want new ones there are loads on fleabay 


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