Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Being blessed with a windows phone and apps disapearing quicker than you can say "bill gates" the ebay app has now been deleted and my phone is frozen GGrrrrh
Can someone tell me is the yellow car on evil bay a b type or b+? My boy gave me a heads up but I cant view it
And in a similar vein what did the really nice yellow car make last week ?
I saved the auction but now know the "save" function isn't working on the remains off the app

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It is strange because it looks pre-phaeton to me but it has a registration plate on the back which belongs to a Pheaton

This one, with the mongrel front end...?

Or this one thats still a triumph herald?

Click on pictures for links. 

Unusual front suspension with compression links at the bottom and presumably inboard springs and dampers.

To be fair, after all these years, your lucky to find an unmolested one.

Cheers Ade,that's the ones
Any idea what the "herald" car made ?
Was going to bid but the logistics of getting back and getting it picked up were a bit much at the moment to say the least

I seem to remember it clocking about £700+ maybe £720 - not back on yet so maybe it sold this time round.


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