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We are organising a monthly evening run and get together. perhaps 1st Thursday of the month, suggested venues are The Blundel Arms, Chorley Old Road, The Pack Horse, Affetside good country roads to this one. I open the discussion Where and When?

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Don't know if it helps but the square in St.Annes has a series of car parks which are used on the 1st tuesday of the month for bikers. Don't know if we'd fancy using them on occasion? There are a couple of pubs and cafe nero in the square, I could approach the council regards if they would have any problems with us?

Hi when is the next meet and where ?

There is no meeting until COVID-19 is over, and we were in the middle of changing venue, so watch this space.

It will be interesting to see which of the venues we have used in the past is still around after the virus.

The Blundell is having a full refurb or was. Strawberry Duck was a pain in the arse for us to get home from an extra 40 mins, usually 60 mins home.

Perhaps a  rethink to Karens suggestion of Sunday lunchtime run out. We have to get there first and stay above ground.


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