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my dear wife

For all who know Margaret. On Saturday night not to well. Sunday watching the rugby taken ill again.

Monday morning big yellow box with flashing lights outside my house for an hour saved her life. Another huge episode yesterday in intensive care. Not well enough for op yesterday. Under going big op this morning, promised she will be fit again soon. Bit of plumbing and rewiring and right as rain.

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hard work

as the title say's, hard work this being retired. Today I finished Jame's Duttonator, cleaned the Saab, took template for Sierra exhaust (bit of 10mm copper), shuffled the cars around then back again. nearly came a cropper in the Marlin (brakes are fantastic), done a couple hours gardening, finished off with a shopping trip to ASDA. Oh, and swept up the leaves on the patio. I'm off to bed goodnight all :-)

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Go faster Sierra

Found a problem with this V8, 16 valves to grind in, 16 rockers to grind and polish, 16 ports to clean up 8 pistols to weigh and balance,plus rods to polish and balance. I'll be here for days! Fingers are rubbed raw and I've only stripped it all and acid cleaned it all. The garage smells great :-)))

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Christmas Cheer

Light hearted only, what's the plan? I have to go to the sons house, eat lunch, pheasant, hare and some other road kill :-) then get beat up by the great grandchildren, take Ralphy for a stroll. Play games and then home for a well deserved G&T. Boxing day I'm out for a open water swim, then a surf, back the bathhouse for a laugh with a few old guys. Home for another sniffter. Then I can start work on the car's. Plural.

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Dutton Torque

The postie sent me something nice today. And a giro ! Merry Christmas :-) well done James.

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help ?

Someone collect this for me ? https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/dutton-legerra/1145314276

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steamy windows !!

No, nothing like that I can assure you :-) Due to some inconsiderate tw*t hitting my Saab putting it in the garage at my expense, I've had to press the Sierra back into service. Luckily I had not got to far into doing the swap over, so a simple job to recommission. Decided for the first time to use the heater, now the Sierra is not entirely water tight, so after 15 minutes steam started to be blown out the vents. This condensed on the glass and no amount of wiping etc. would clear it.…


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Hinckley point C

Finally agreed to build the place, and now I'm too old to help with it. That was going to be my swan song. Make a mint and run, lots of fabricating and welding to do there.

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George has gone. Now peacefully at rest under the apple tree he loved to doze under at the back of the garden. Seems he had a brain tumor and would never recover. So just to say many thanks to all the people on here who helped us through this torrid time. Never thought it would hurt that much. Found myself yesterday filling and tidying the "grave" and talking to the daft thing. We had a family wake in the garden and I fell into bad habits and had a few Malts with my son, paying or it now…


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Auction site

Just used this site, very professional and money in the bank. Highly recommended:  h.ttp://auction.catawiki.co.uk/classic-car-auction?utm_source=google&utm_medium=display&utm_content=ClassicVehicles&utm_campaign=[D]-ClassicCar-InMKT-IMG-UK&aid=87998952553

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Kop hill climb

 Held in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. 19-20 September. Great event, camping on site. Not really a competition more a celebration of cars going up the famous hill. Great fun and very relaxed. Oh, and there is a bar :-))

Added by Steve Kerswell on August 25, 2015 at 11:38 — 1 Comment

go faster sierra

Been playing in the shed for a while, following on from Ade's Sierra I'm going the Pinto route. Finally got all the parts and ready to start. Just tried it loosely all together and it appears to fit, phew, its a big old lump, I can hardly lift it back onto blocks. Anyway measurements all taken and need to make up a gearbox crossmember and move a few bits around. Dave Adams has pre warned me about the starter motor. So I'll leave that until all is settled in the car. Ah, the car, I am tempted…


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it's a mad, mad world

Formula 1 nearly got out of boring mode on Sunday, now test cricket is doing the same, what's going on ?

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Slapped one of these on today, cheap and powerful.…


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Leamington Spa

Anyone here live in this area? My next project is currently there.

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Duttoneers will be here, in fact some will be competing :-))) there is even a melos competing !!!

Added by Steve Kerswell on July 26, 2015 at 10:13 — 5 Comments

Pentille festival of speed

This event is cancelled. Once again the organisation that run this event, I won't name and shame them, have pulled the plug, again. So all you South Westerners will have to find another hill to climb. Makes me so angry, I could slam the phone down :-))

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B+ blog !

Still just poodling around testing the head etc. Today I fixed my overdrive, found the wires were just snapping and turning to dust, so thats that wiped off the slop chit. Plus on the hottest day of the year I fitted my new side screens and stretched my hood while it was nice and supple, pretty pleased with it, I haven't got the wires or even the holders welded to the roll bar so thinking of a spar, like they tension sails with, simply slotted across and tensioned to hold the shape. I also…


Added by Steve Kerswell on June 30, 2015 at 20:45 — 40 Comments

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