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Well it went through at the second attempt, failed on O/S/R suspension bushes, O/S hand brake inop. (Poxy linkage butchered by previous owner) these are normal for my dutton, and the N/S inboard rack joint has some play in it (very successful bodge sorted that one, but it could do with a new rack (triumph spitfire) until i can fit the Cortina wish bones and the ford rack.

so now its ready for Stoneleigh.


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Comment by Dave Adams on May 8, 2011 at 7:59

Well i have decided to bite the bullet and redesign the handbrake on my car, i have used a handbrake lever from a Citroen AX (about 2" longer than the ford one) nice and easy to get out of the car, and then i went to get a handbrake cable from my local motor factors, looking through the stock they had i picked one that looked best suited for use on my car and bought it. As a last thought on leaving the shop i asked which cable had i bought? in case it broke one day and needed to be replaced........Citroen AX what was the odds?

I intend to use the cable unmodified so it will be easily replaced in the future, the lever end needed some modifications (my car has a lot thicker tunnel than the AX) and the way the cable fits to the existing arms on the back of the drums needs to me sorted as the AX cable would never fit these, not a problem i have figured out a way of connecting to both so that the cable self balances when operated and pulls on both equally. pictures to follow.

Comment by Dave Taylor on April 29, 2011 at 22:41
Don't know why but Your post didn't approve. Just got in so sorry it was late Dave.

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