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Autotest tomorrow. Usual shambles.

Hello again, my fellow men.

Entered in an Autotest tomorrow, with co-owner Steve also driving. 

After my last blog post where I said I was going to do various things to improve the car, I've done precisely none of them. I have bought adjustable bottom arms, however. Went to fit them last night and noticed (of course) that the ones on the Dutton of course have the welded bracket for the bottom shock mount. As my adjustable ones don't have this, they've gone back in the box for now.

However, while under the car I did notice that the front anti-roll bar bushes were utterly stuffed. One was split and hanging out. Might go a far way to explaining the wheel-tucking that we were seeing last time out. Luckily, I managed to get hold of a couple this morning from a rally pal of mine. They're double-width bushes but they'll do for now.

Also found a stuck brake caliper on the front. Took the caliper off, split it and cleaned up the pistons. I then refitted it and let it gravity-bleed, having not lost too much fluid in the process. Tried the pedal and there's not even a sniff of resistance. Of course, the Phaeton's got a wee Girling master cylinder with no real reservoir to speak of, so I've probably lost enough to pull air through the line. Brilliant.

So, Autotesting tomorrow. But after we've bled the brakes. Oh, and I've not started it since January as I couldn't find the keys today. So it might all go horribly wrong. 

Same shit, different day.

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