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Making a shortened winged sump for the X flow

Finally got the job going, I have put up with an oil leak since we did the Lakes in March, but Thursday night run out with Steve saw a flashing oil light and a constant drip (Oh and the grief at home because of the state of the block paving and oil stain), but mainly the flashing NO OIL PRESSURE Light was the prompt.
So to Ade's to pick up a 1300 sump, and so to work.
The idea is sample, cut 2" of the sump bowl off split it down the middle, move these to each side drill and cut slots into the new botton edge of the sump and re-attach, then fill in the holes with flat plate. no less of oil capacity and 2" gained in clearance under the car.
Well that's the plan, sounds simple when you say it. Keep watching, it may be a good laugh;-)

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Comment by Dave Taylor on October 14, 2012 at 20:16

Did this in 2009 may help, there are photos somewhere on here

Comment by Dave Taylor on July 19, 2009 at 19:18
RAIN STOPPED PLAY, well at least for this morning, but it stopped us going to Fleetwood, there's no fun driving in heavy rain.
Steve rang in the afternoon, the sun's out are we out for a run, didn't take a lot of thinking about.
First proper run with the new sump, Oh why do we put up with things on our Dutton, should have done the sump years ago. What a difference, blitzing down country lane without bottoming out.
Tipical of Dutton's they are becoming a collector's car, well certainly mine, I have to keep stopping to collect bits that fall off. This time half of the bottom leaf of the rear spring, I knew it was cracked but come on it is 36 years old, you would think it would last longer than that!!!
That it parked up while we go on holiday, at least I have another job to do when I get back.
Don't you just love Duttoneering?
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 18, 2009 at 21:56
Well the job is done, thanks for the help this afternoon, but you missed the fireworks just bafter you left. I put the front back on and connected the lights up following my diagram made when stripping down, but misread a colour code and connected the spot lamp live direct to earth. Shut the bonnet and tried the lights, side work, dip works, mainbeam and flash work, then spots and smoke, flame, scream "NO!". Luckily the live feed burnt out, and at first I thought the whole loom had gone up. The good news was that when I made up the loom this was the last wire in it and lay on top of all the others, so only burned itself and the loom wrap.
Phew! so replaced the wires and all the earth wires up front, and we're back in business.
Back to the sump. The engine is back in and no leaks, the lowest thing under the front of the car now is the bottom of the bellhousing. I have gained about 2 1/2". I just have to get the oil levels right, as there's a little less capacity, 1/2 a litre of STP, and good old 20w/50 classic engine oil. now lets see how she goes on the way to Fleetwood tomorrow morning.
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 16, 2009 at 21:49
Plan "B" is done and now fitted to the engine. Just got to do a couple more jobs on the Carb linkage, and it's ready to go back in hopefully Friday afternoon.
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 15, 2009 at 23:15
Hi Steve
I get the sump back Thursday, just been in Belgium for the last 2 days. The plan is for engine fit on Saturday, maybe Friday if weather good in the early evening.
If it all goes Pete Tong, then I would be glad on a seat
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 13, 2009 at 20:39
Plan B now in action, I have dropped the sump off with Mark the welder, he said it should be ready for Thursday. So that gives a couple of days to put everything back together.
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 11, 2009 at 18:19
Oh B****R!!!
Get the engine out this morning took a couple of hours, things went well, too well!!!
Got the old sump off, and there it was my mate as I said earlier had made this up and changed my original plan. So first problem he had made the side tank 1/2" to long, and it fouled on the flywheel. Not to much of a problem I cut the flange back by 1/2" with the idea of MIG welding the seam.
But first fitted it to the engine to check clearance of the crank, and there is problem No2 the crank clears the bottom of the sump where I reshaped it, but did not clear the side of the sump. On closer inspection of the 2 sumps, the 1600 sump as recesses in the side wall to clear the crank, the 1300 sump doesn't.
Oh well back to the drawing board.
PLAN B I have now cut the 1600 sump down by 2 1/4" now I will make the side tank from a drawing I found on the internet, and start again. Doesn't look like I'll be going to Fleetwood in the car now. We'll see might need a late night.
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 10, 2009 at 17:31
I picked up the sump today, and it looks OK, not the prettiest thing I have seen but once it's on the car I won't see it. The important part is that I now have a leak free sump and 2 1/2" of extra ground clearance, look out Hardknot I'm coming back to get you.
So just the task of fitting it tomorrow if the weather will allow, fingers crossed.
Steve I'll have the kettle on.
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 10, 2009 at 0:09
PS looks like the photos will need deleting.
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 10, 2009 at 0:07
Cheers Steve, I am going picking the sump up tomorrow. I am told it works and looks OK, I will need to make arrangements with Ade to pick up the crane, so Saturday will be the only day I can do the job. Picked up a gasket set from Frank Edwards yesterday £10, not bad as the guy at Gordon's Ford would not even look to see if he had one, just said they don't list anything after 1981.
So if you fancy a run over in the afternoon, the BBQ lid will be on, how do you like your burger?

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