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Good run out yesterday, even better today.
Moved my seat back 2" I now fit in again after replacing the Steering joint I gained an 1" in the shaft, (some would say that's a good thing, especially the spam E-mail I keep getting) but it just meant I couldn't get a good driving position.
Also finally cut the gearstick down to size (Here we go again). I have cut the damper rubber out and re-threaded it, can't believe I have driven it for 6 years with my hand hitting the dash in 1st and 3rd.
Today was glorious, drove out to Blackburn over Edgworth moor, Bloody sump still bottoming, that's got to be thre next job.
But not yet I can put up with that a bit long (Not 6 Years though). Off to Newark at the weekend, over the Snake Pass. If your there make yourself know.

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