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Oh Yes another happy year to look foward to...

Well after putting it off for the last couple of weeks because of family commitments, I have had Daisy Dutton MOT'd this morning and the good news she passed.
I need to replace the rear spring hanger bushes and the steering column UJ.
Oh and the bad news I still have an oil leak from the sodding sump, so I think I will have to make a new winged one to give more ground clearance. Ade if you've still got the 1300 sump i have a cunning plan.
So legal again, and can't go out tomorrow because it's my Mum's birthday tea, thought of going to pick her up in the Dutton but at 82 might struggle to get her out, No problem getting her in just needs a good push. Oh and it's my Mum that's 82 not me although some mornings...

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Comment by Dave Taylor on May 23, 2009 at 19:35
We now have ICE, yes I have finally fitted my birthday present a shine all singing dancing Radio.
Comment by Dave Taylor on May 21, 2009 at 21:42
OMG it's done. I finished the old girl tonight, and she drive a lot smoother does knock or bang going over grids. Having working rear springs is also going to take some getting used to.
The only downer is when I took the weeather proof cover off it had reacted with the paint work, and looks to have oxidised the paint. I had to rub the paint work with 1500 wet n dry to get the marks off and then t-cut back to a shine. it looks better but not good, may have to do that paint job in the summer.
BUT that doesn't stop the wheels turning does it, look out tarmac we are coming to rip it up.
Comment by Dave Taylor on May 19, 2009 at 21:05
Hi Terry
I was a bit daunted about doing the rear myself, after getting the car up in the air it's not such a hard job.
I jacked the rear place the back chassis on to solid axle stands, placed just in front of the axle before the kick up pretty much under the seat tub.
Then place the axle on 2 more axle stands just to take the weight of the axle. A liberal spraying of penetrating oil over all the nuts the day before.
Next undo the axle u bolts but take it easy the nuts are not up to much, with luck you will get all 8 nuts off with snapping a u bolt, but don't worry they are available from Ebay if you do.
I then checked where the front spring hanger bolt was against the inner body, checked inside the body if it was accessable without removing the seats, ( on mine drivers side don't need to come out, but the passenger one did). I then drilled at an angle from the underside through the body right next to the bolt, if you get this right you then drill from the inside a circle of holes at about 1 1/2" dia cut this out and with luck you have access to the bolt. on mine this was 5/8" af again take care here, it should move easily but if it doesn't you may need a bit of heat on the threads, it is placed out of the way of mud and water and the old bush give some protection. Once this bolt is out, move on to the rear shackles. Again patience is the word with the nuts here, but once they are off you just prise the 2 halves of the shackle apart, the sring should drop away, then give it a tug and the front will come loose too.
The pinch bolt on bot my spring where very rusty the drivers side had snapped. I have replaced these with 13mm bolt and nuts, but think I might try and get the right ones from Mancunian springs, because the top of the old ones are elongated and do locate into the axle spring saddle.
If you do go all the way with the spring it depends how old yours are, mine had just built up so much rust between the leaves that they were next to useless. you just split the leaves apart clean the oxidised rust clagg and wire brush clean the surface top and bottom then a good coat of copper grease all overput them back together in the right order best to do one at a time so you have a pattern to work from, but you can see the wear pattern on the leaves, each leaf as a steel band folded round holding them together this is where they slide over each other. put the nylon slides under these straps and hammer back into place keeping these nice and tight makes the spring work correctly. Then fitting is just reverse of what you've done. hope that helps. Good Luck.
Oh nearly forgot lots of swearing helped me.
Comment by Adrian Southgate on May 18, 2009 at 19:06
Good news Dave.
You can come round and show me how to do mine next, then we can go and do Gary's.....
Comment by Dave Taylor on May 17, 2009 at 21:59
Well it's all done!!! Ha!Ha! ONLY JOKING, Both rear springs now been completely stripped and reconditioned what a dirty job that was.Only problem today apart from the rain, I snapped an axle U bolt ( just bought a new pair on Ebay £4.79). Tried to drive with only one U bolt, I must have a bolt loose myself as the axle sifted OOPS!!! oh well worth a try.
But before that mishap everything felt good, very much quieter and smoother. U bolt should be here before weekend, and the job will done.
Comment by Dave Taylor on May 16, 2009 at 22:07
Hey more bashed hands, but the front end is done. I made it hard work by not stripping the TCA off the hub, and what a pig to do the steering rack large bush it come flat and you have to fold it against itself and tuck the ends in, and hold it in place while you push the bracket on with the other hand, then grab the hammer with your other hand (Oh problem here I only have 2 hands) James get the Octopus out of the tank I've found a use for it. Never knew an Octopus could drive a tank!!!
Anyway the front is done, tomorrow the rear srings are coming off for refurb and bushes. I have even bought my self a garage today (well a cheap ASDA gazebo) so I can work in the rain.
Comment by Dave Taylor on May 15, 2009 at 17:34
Hi Ade
I have got the replacement bolts from e-bay and have not used yours so will drop them back with you and the seat covers
Comment by Dave Taylor on May 12, 2009 at 21:38
I have been working in Gwynedd today, and on the way filled up with fuel and picked up copy of Classic Ford magazine. So at lunch on the way back to the land of the living I pulled into a layby on the M55, and low and behold there's an advert for Flo-Flex. Surprise its in Rhyll, I was 4 miles away, Oh your in front of me now aren't you. Yes I fronted up and 10 minutes later I have a full set of Poly bushes front and rear £82 even included upper and lower leaf spring isolators.
So geuss what I have just spent 4 hours doing?
No don't be silly I haven't done them all. I have done the anti roll bar, N/S track control arm, 1/2 the O/S tcr. Hit my hand really hard with a hammer (that make a big Lump on your finger) and it bloody hurts.
Had to leave the inner O/S TCR soaking in penetrating oil as the bolt is siezed to the metal insert.
Flo-Flex does mail order and paypal, 01745360222 www.floflex.co.uk
Comment by Adrian Southgate on May 11, 2009 at 18:54
Get the thing converted to UJ's at both ends. tightens up the steering a bit too. Had mine done at North West Propshafts in Chorley/Coppul.
I have a spare to take as a starter/pattern if you don't want to take the old one off until you have a replacement.
Rear shackle bushes are quite cheap, look for a company called floflex on ebay. they do them as a set with whatever bushes you need made up to order.
Comment by Dave Taylor on May 10, 2009 at 15:03
I am going to fit the radio, but think a full set of poly bushes may be the order of the day first rather than carpets, and I need to find a steering UJ.

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