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Making a shortened winged sump for the X flow

Finally got the job going, I have put up with an oil leak since we did the Lakes in March, but Thursday night run out with Steve saw a flashing oil light and a constant drip (Oh and the grief at home because of the state of the block paving and oil stain), but mainly the flashing NO OIL PRESSURE Light was the prompt.
So to Ade's to pick up a 1300 sump, and so to work.
The idea is sample, cut 2" of the sump bowl off split it down the middle, move these to each side drill and cut slots into the new botton edge of the sump and re-attach, then fill in the holes with flat plate. no less of oil capacity and 2" gained in clearance under the car.
Well that's the plan, sounds simple when you say it. Keep watching, it may be a good laugh;-)

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Comment by Dave Taylor on July 8, 2009 at 20:37
Well went to see progress on the sump today after a worring phone call "have I got an extra 1 1/2" to play with" as the design I had, had too many seams to seal.
So my mate Mark has re-designed it and it now is extended just on one side and much deeper, and guess what? he made it from the lid of a BBQ!, Yes thats right a BBQ.
So quite a shock at first, but I have faith in him and I am sure it will be right, after all he is an engineer...
Comment by Dave Taylor on July 5, 2009 at 16:05
Day 2, took some measurements, and realised that the drain plug will now be on the other side at the rear of the new sump, also that side needs to be shallower by 3/8" so as to clear the starter motor.
Taken out the front oil splash, and reshaped the front part of thr sump to give 4" clearance down the centre line as this is a 1300 sump, and the 1600 crank as a longer throw.
Got the MIG out to tack everything together, and true to form the British weather does it's best to drown or electricute me. I did manage to tack it all together, but have decided to get a mate to braze it all together tomorrow, not that I don't trust my welding, I just don't do enough to make a really neat job on thin tin, I would spend too much time filling the holes.
So the lastest photos are posted, and I have book the use of Ade's engine hoist for next weekend.

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