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Spring is here,so i've fitted it to the Sierra,

Yes i've fitted the new spring today,managed to get around the seen and unforseen snags of replacing a multileaf spring with a monoleaf , the thing that disappointed me though was that the polybushes that had been fitted to the multileaf springs don't fit the monoleafs, luckily i have enough rubber bushes to get by. So now i need to do the other side as soon as i can.


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Comment by James Doulton on March 25, 2013 at 23:14

I swapped multi-leaf for multi-leaf. I was not sure what I had got as they were different and I was not sure which, if either, was right. I thought that one was a replacement and was too stiff and that the other one might be suspect if the original one had broken. I got a pair of Mk1 Escort springs of ebay for about £58 with postage. I am using the rubber bushes that were already in the springs. I didn't want to mess around with polybushes because I don't know what effect they would have. Also I could fit them at a later date if I got that keen. Plus I am not sure that I want to keep the leaf springs, I rather fancy a 5 link conversion, so they might just be extra expense. I have already bought and ruined a spring lowering kit, so I just played it safe.

Comment by Dave Thomas on March 25, 2013 at 22:45

Thanks James, i thought it was a good one ,a play on words and all that, did you swap like for like or as i have, multi to single leaf, as i said i was hoping to use the polybushes  out of the old springs but they don't fit the single leaf springs,not happy about it but not a lot i could do, i wanted the car usable because the MOT has run out on the other one. Well springs should be changed in pairs James, the same goes for shockabsorbers, i will change my o/s spring as soon as i can,by the end of the week is the plan.

Comment by James Doulton on March 25, 2013 at 19:21

Nice title, wish I'd thought of it - I replaced the rear leaf springs on my Melos a week ago and could have used the same pun, damn! Replacing mine was much easier than I had imagined (in the warmth of my garage). I replaced both of mine because one had been replaced by a previous owner and was a completely different shape to the other original one.

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