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I think that the DOC should do as most classic car clubs do and focus its efforts on preserving the Marque, members come and go all the time but the cars tend to remain. i dont think that the club should worry about organising social events for the members...the internet is better for doing that.

neither should it worry about flag waving and trying to attract new members, folks who buy a Dutton will join if the club offers something they want or need. And the "pool" of cars for members to buy is falling year on year, our potential membership is a falling number so why spend resources on finding them when we can be found so easily? If we offer something worth having they will join, but nice banners and flags wont do it. there is nothing wrong with a distinctive identity for the club but it would be better to see it as a worthwhile club to be a member of, rather than the club for supplying donor V5's for Mk's

In the 80's when the club was formed it was the only practical way of meeting other members, any parts could be ordered from the factory direct, or a quick trip to your local scrap yard would get you a wide choice of donor cars. Even lotus Cortina's if you wanted (no one wanted them.....horrendous unreliable engine) but you would struggle to find owners if you never went to shows.

These days the exact opposite is true. a quick google will find not only the club and associated web sites (here for example) but members.as well. However the available supply of parts is diminishing rapidly and alternatives need to be found. That is where the club could find its purpose and provide some thing worth joining for.

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Comment by Dave Adams on May 3, 2014 at 9:42

Some of us  do Daryl....but the "club" has different aims. I suggest we alter it viewpoint. 

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