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What an amazing weekend, with good company of the other Duttoneer’s, and Car’s which behaved very well apart from a few niggles in my case.

We started the tour early on Saturday morning at our usual meeting place at Bolton west Services, before moving on to the north along the M61, M6 and on to the A6, next stop Truckhaven Truck Stop Carnforth for breakfast. Always worth stopping here good food all day, and as you can see from the photo’s The Northern Duttoneer’s like their grub.

Next stop was the new Lakeland Motor Museum, what a good job as been made here, the lady Duttoneer’s had been told that there would shopping, what we didn’t tell them was it would all be car related. But I heard Marian my wife say to a friend she enjoyed the museum, and Karen even bought presents. Result and a good place for a future get together.

Then on to the first nights Hotel, what a cracker of a place Muncaster School House B&B. Lovely people, good food (notice a pattern developing here with eating). After settling in we drove to Ravenglass about 2 miles up the road for a beer, just to wash the dust down you understand. Then back to check the car’s over before evening meal.

This is where our Service support crew (Steve K) came into his own as he fitted a new alternator belt to my Phaeton, belt kindly donated by Steve H. unfortunately this was to long for my car, so Steve had to re-fit the old belt and see if we could tighten it as best we could.

Sunday arrived and the threaten ring didn’t arrive, we left Muncaster for the 14 mile run up to the start of the Coast to Coast at St Bee’s. We had decided that we would all put our feet in the water and collect 2 pebbles from below the water line, one to keep as a memento and one to throw into the sea at Robin Hood’s Bay on completion of the drive. After a group Photo we were off, 190miles away Robin Hood’s Bay awaited our arrival.

Credit as to go to Karen for her exceptional navigation skills; we made our way along some of the best roads Cumbria has to offer. And apart for a couple of hold up’s with local village fairs we made our way to Whinlater Pass and down to the A66 at Keswick. This is where we parted company with Steve and Kath K (our Service Support crew and Medical officer). Steve had work to go to Sunday night.

So after waving good-bye we tried very hard to catch up lost time, as we were now about an hour behind schedule, and I had agreed to meet Tom at 11am on Hartside Café (Highest Café in England) car park. Luck was not on our side though, as we approached the Alston turning for the climb up to Hartside we were overtaken by we think plain clothes motorcycle cop’s two identical BMW’s both dress exactly the same, and a riding style that could only be police. For the next 4-5 miles they keep us at exactly 47 mph, until they pulled off at the bottom Café, only to leave us with two Sunday driver’s enjoying the view.

What seem like for ever the road opened up with good vision and I stormed past them, arriving at Hartside at 12:20pm, and very late for Tom and Colin, Sorry guy’s we hope to get together again soon, and this time we’ll try to be on time.

I think this is one of the best views in England from the Hartside car park down over Eden Valley, but what a wind it was difficult to stay upright. The café is a Haven for biker’s from both sides of the Pennines. After a brew and a cake, we set off for Alston, after about a mile a group of biker’s came flying up on the opposite side of the road, the lead rider pushed me with a knee about to touch the road, he passed me and approach Ade and Sue in the Leggerra, nearly losing control and trying hard to recover his mistake straight into Ade’s path, he had to swerve hard to avoid him, which luckily he did, and the biker managed to stay on, and continue on his way, Lucky Man.

Leaving Alston on the B towards Barnard Castle 33 miles of the most amazing road I have driven in a long time, clear all the way a part from two cars which we all passed together without changing down. This road has good vision all the way open fast bends long straights, 33 miles with a big daft grin on my face.

More to come...

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Comment by Adrian Southgate on September 12, 2010 at 2:30
Just got back from a 'last night of the proms' cheese and wine party... Sue had a little too much of one... guess which?
Anyway, I would like to thank all of my fellow travellers for a smashing weekend last weekend. I thought this years Lakes run would be impossible to beat, I couldn't have been more wrong. Some of the roads might have been a little bit bumpy but the weather couldn't have been any better and neither could the company.
Sue seems to have recovered from the mishaps with the seat frame and her ribs and I have apologised for trying to get the car sideways and airborne at the same time, in hindsight it might not have been the brightest idea I ever had.

To the biker who nearly killed himself on the front of my car... You best be thankful it was a nimble kit car and not a transit mate. That one will surely become another nail in the 'speed kills' coffin if he carries on the way he is.

To the guys that waited in vain for us to arrive at Hartside, my apologies. It was a nice Sunday and we didn't allow for the extra traffic, especially the two biker BiB that held us up as Dave said, very naughty unmarked bikes and plain Hi-Vis jackets. Shame they didn't meet the afore mentioned lucky fella, they might have had something to say about his riding style.

I started the trip with new pads on the front of the car... I now have black rims and need another set of pads, that'll teach me to buy cheap ones.

Stafford next week, looks like I will be going Saturday with Dave. I don't think Sue is coming so may have a spare seat in the legerra. I will post back on the stafford show thread when I know for sure.
Comment by Dave Taylor on September 11, 2010 at 22:27
I hope I have not bored you allwith the exploits of The Northern Duttoneer's. Next time don't just read about us come with us, everyone's welcome the more the merrier.
Comment by Dave Taylor on September 11, 2010 at 22:04

Comment by Dave Taylor on September 11, 2010 at 21:58
Part 3
After returning to the car park at the top of the village, and congratulations all round and a big pat on the back for the car’s which all performed well, even the fan belt episode was forgotten, even though the alternator was screaming a bit around the front bearings.

We set off on foot this time down to the beach to throw our pebbles in the sea, because Sue had a twisted ankle she stayed behind with the cars, it was just too steep. Down on the beach Steve did not waste time in getting his shoes and socks off along with Karen and paddling off into the sea. Pebbles being delivered back to the sea it was off to find some fuel as the last few miles I must have done on vapour. Petrol was found in Whitby, then on to Goathland (Aidensfield from Heartbeat) and the Beacon Country House Hotel, which was quirky, but very nice. After settling in and a shower, we walked over the road for a few beers and something to eat (Food and Drink Again).
After more congratulations, and distribution of Trophies, Plaques and Certificates, we had another well deserved beer.

Next morning after breakfast (more food) we set off for the journey home via Stokesley and down to Helmsley about 14 miles of fast twisty roads, known as the North Yorkshire TT course. At Helmsley we stopped for a brew and a cake. What is it about Duttoneering that make you ravenous?
Then on back down Sutton Bank and on to Northallerton to get fuel for the Westie, and back to the Shell petrol station mentioned earlier. We pulled on to the pumps, I stuck to nozzle in pulled the trigger and stood there as you do looking round chatting, then it struck me I could hear water gushing, I looked down not to see water but to find I was stood in a pool of petrol, taking a quick look under the car I saw petrol pouring from the fuel tank, OMG!!!. I shut the pump off and opened the boot to try and see where it was coming from, at first I thought the tank had split on the fixing bracket because that’s where all the fuel was coming from. Still standing in petrol, a voice came from the car, “it’s still in verse should I take it out” realising that the reversing light still works with the ignition off, and a possible spark from the switch was not a good idea, “No Marian, just leave it until I can get some sand down on the fuel”
Another check and Steve found that the problem was the rubber connecting hose to the filler neck, so a quick wipe of the petrol tank, though the bags into Ade Leggerra, and back to Halford’s after paying for the fuel I had poured all over their forecourt, and thrown a petrol soaked towel in the bin by the pumps, not very H&S I know but what else can you do.
10 minutes later and the hose was repaired. Seems the hose had split on the jubilee clip and I had somehow pushed the nozzle through the hole.

Back on the road, and on to Leyburn, only to find there was nowhere to park, more OAP’s!! So we decided to carry on to Kettlewell over the top road through Horsehouses. This is some bumpy road, which you must definitely not use if you have loose fillings in your teeth. It ends with a very steep 1:3 left then right bends over about 50 feet. A mile later and we are on the car park at Kettlewell, all cars survived the wash board road, although Ade had lost two bolts from his boot lid, more running repairs, and gust what? Yes, Time for tea and more food.
The Skies had started to darken and rain was defiantly on the cards, with just about 40 miles to go, we hit the roads again down to Skipton and onto the Clitheroe bypass. Just as we got to Roach Bridge, the promised rain began to fall. Finally we all stopped under the M65 at Junction 4.
We said our good bye’s and agreed that it had been a magic weekend. We all went our separate ways, we the last 16 miles were done in the pouring rain with every set of traffic lights against us, but we resisted putting the roof on, but did get a few strange looks, as if we were mad sitting in the rain, and Home.

It was a brilliant weekend, and we all enjoyed it immensely, and Sue is already planning the next tour to North Wales, Watch for news of this one.

Thanks to all The Northern Duttoneer’s for making it a cracking time.

P.S. the strangest thing was getting home and having to get into the RAV 4 to go and pick my Daughter up, it felt like I was flying the difference in Height.
Comment by Dave Taylor on September 9, 2010 at 23:12

Comment by Dave Taylor on September 9, 2010 at 22:24

Comment by Dave Taylor on September 9, 2010 at 22:21
Part two
Through Barnard Castle on to the A66, before turning for Richmond, and Lunch. We arrived in Richmond to find it over run with OAP’s (sorry to any OAP’s reading this) and no parking in the market square, Martin lead us onto the Muster point on the main Car park next to the Cricket club, where it was decided that if we just had a pot of tea, as none of us were to peckish, and we could catch up a bit of time. After a quick reccie the cricket club seemed to the best option. Tea for 8 please.

I was still having problems with the alternator belt, and because of this the engine temp was up and down as the water pump wasn’t turning quick enough on tick over. After googleing Halford’s Ade found there was one at Northallerton which was on route, where I could buy a new belt and hopefully sort things out.
Leaving Richmond by the B6271 and the sound of my screaming fan belt onto Northallerton.
Has we arrived on the outskirts, Martin found a Shell petrol station (this plays another part in our journey late), and I spotted the Halford’s store on the opposite corner.
Bonnet up, belt removed, and off to Halford’s, 5 minute’s later with a new belt in hand, it’s back to the car to fit it. The alternator had to be removed to get the new belt over the pulley.
Whilst this went on Martin went to fill up at the Shell garage. (Westfield tank not built for long distance)

With the belt fitted we were back on the road, the decision made to continue direct to Robin Hood’s Bay after we have gone up Sutton Bank. At the Sutton Bank visitor centre we had a quick comfort break, then onto Pickering (These road are something else). Onto the A169 past Fylingdales, and The Hole of Horcum, then turning right down the road to Littlebeck, single track roads very steep, up and down’s. this road cuts straight across the valley and comes out on the A171 Scarborough to Whitby road, left towards Whitby for about a mile then right towards our goal, Robin Hood’s Bay, and the last 7 miles.
We arrived at 5:50 onto the car park, but this to me was next the completion, that was by the slip way at the bottom of the village, but there was a sign at the top that said “For access only”, well to me that meant as we were accessing the bottom of the village and until the car’s had been to the slip way we had not finished the run, so quick discussion, we went for it, and now we understood the sign as this is very steep and narrow, with pedestrians walking in the road. But we did get there (see the photo and video). The Coast to Coast DONE.

There is more but that’s for tomorrow…

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