Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Are you all busy doing other things, Christmas shopping? decorating? building a Dutton or two? or watching Strictly come X factor thing? Reading CKC wishing it was your car featured? or as my mum would say "cat got your tongue?" :-)

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Just got back from three weeks offshore. Wife's sick, baby's sick, so I'm running around doing everything, waiting for my turn to get sick so I can put my feet up. Although I wouldn't be surprised to discover the same rules don't apply to me.

Spent a few hours at the Portishead Marina where a family friend was staying as part of a world sailing tour - how the other half live! Then it rained as soon as we got home and I had to investigate issues with the roof of our new porch (I got soaked through). Then I spent a couple of hours in the garage trying to diagnose and fix a problem on my wife's big mobility scooter.

None of that was what I planned to do. I had intended to finish off the Legerra head refitting but I can't get it in the garage so I can only do it when it is dry and light. My other objective was to empty my shed so that I can remove it to clear the space for my new garage. I have family over tomorrow so I'll have little time for any progress then either. Fed up? you bet!

I forgot - I also spent a couple of hours this morning fiddling with a big article from Dave Adams for the next Dutton Torque. That is despite a sore shoulder from Volleyball on Thursday evening.

The important thing was that we won the point, Daryl. It didn't hurt until I stopped playing but then gear changes on the way home were painful. I'm getting old but I keep forgetting.

I now find that I get home from the shop and carry on working, sussing out suppliers, ordering bits and doing research. Then there s the feeding frenzy followed by the compulsory old folks nap. Then back to sorting other peoples things and shopping for Leggy bits, Phaeton bits and now transit bits. I'm currently between feeding frenzy and old folks nap, so spending an hour looking for timing chain kits and fuel pumps for the transit  and getting angry at prices...

Ah! I thought you all may have been polishing up the B type you recently acquired :-)  (Ade, you'll have to teach me these face things)

dont mention getting old to me or forgetting...............who said that?

Building a mexico spec english to replace the awful Koln axle in a mates MK2 Harrier

Ade you have a PM

Spent two hours roller skating. A middle aged man learning to roller skate. My daughter is having lessons and I thought I need a fresh challenge. Learning to roller skate when you are nearly 50 is hard work.

Now there's something I have not done for many many years, I had Alexandra Palace on my door step and always used to go to the Roller Skating rink on a Friday nights ..... great for showing off to the fairer sex!!! 

As for what am I doing, I have just finished the plans for my powder coating oven and am in the process of gathering materials. Part of a new venture, adding to my restoration services.

Was hoping to get the car out this weekend, but the weather is El - Grimmo here.

Roller skating, now there is a challenge, on a zimmer frame for me I'm afraid :-)

Well, i'm in the shop. Officially the quietest day EVER. People seem to have been scared by the cold and wet morning and gone out... all of them... cleaning boxes, sweeping and checking part numbers - oh joy.

I did however find a mk2 granada rear wheel cylinder so thats erm....useless.


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