Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I've owned 'Peggy' since 2011 and we've had many adventures together but sadly moving house means I've lost my garage space, so it's time for someone else to enjoy her. I've spent a lot of time and money improving and maintaining her, and I believe her to be among the best built and condition examples of the model. Weighing around 800kg and with a standard 110hp, not accounting for the modifications she feels very lively. Loud in both colour and volume, Pegs is a lot of fun! I’ve just put her through MOT with no advisories, so she’s ready for the summer.


  • Correctly registered in 1989 as a Dutton Legerra
  • Comes with both soft tops and a rare as hen's teeth hard top which has a sunroof fitted and soft top has a custom frame which clips into the roll bar to support it
  • Resprayed in 2011 in a colour matched to the original gel coat. It's not a pro job and there's a couple of runs but looks good from a few feet. Comes with a spare litre or so of paint
  • Escort heater matrix and two speed fan with taxi valve to allow control
  • 15" Wolfrace alloys, four matching tyres with loads of tread left
  • Rear bulkhead cut out and replaced with a custom one incorporating 6x9 speakers which gives a parcel shelf for the soft top and allows a bit of extra boot space
  • Carpeted boot
  • Halogen headlights converted to relay operation with high intensity bulbs
  • Modern Sony CD head unit with aux in. Pioneer 4" speakers in doors with separate tweeters and 6x9" infinity speakers in rear bulkhead
  • Intatrim Ranger bucket seats
  • Battery relocated to boot. All earth points have just been removed and cleaned, and additional ones have been added. Battery replaced in 2012 and is a good Bosch one
  • Two sets of keys
  • Period Smiths gauges consisting of rev counter, speedometer, fuel, voltage, water temp and oil pressure
  • Windscreen has been professionally removed and resealed


  • GAZ adjustable coilovers
  • Rally spec front anti roll bar mounts
  • Alloy steering rack mounts
  • Cross braced roll bar and four point harness
  • Adjustable camber front lower arms, polybushed
  • Disc front brakes with green stuff pads
  • Reinforced chassis, has extra box section welded below the main rails
  • Group 4 forged steering universal joint fitted last year


  • 2.0 Pinto EFI engine, Piper fast road cam and vernier pulley, previous owner claimed light head work had been done.
  • Shortened and baffled sump, high pressure oil pump. When I last had the sump off I saw evidence that suggested the conrods have been balanced.
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • 4-2-1 manifold, cherry bomb silencer at the back. Exhaust replaced in 2012. Is quite loud but not insufferable.
  • Engine is mounted lower and further back than usual on Caterham style mounts
  • 5 speed Type 9 box, the change feels very short and positive so may have a short shift kit fitted but haven't confirmed
  • Mk2 Golf radiator with two electric fans on auto switch with manual override, radiator and thermostat have just been replaced
  • Silicone hoses
  • Starter motor reconditioned

There's a full gallery of images here: http://s36.photobucket.com/user/ed107/library/

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Forgot to add a price! I'm looking for £2500.

Nice car. I think you might have a few more horsepower than you claim as the cam on its own is rated as +12bhp and the EFI was 104bhp initially, I think, plus there is the head work and exhaust.

I hope that your sale goes well.

If memory serves ( it rarely does these days) the carbed Pinto was 105bhp, the EFI was 115bhp and the Twinky was 125bhp.

Sorry, I was wrong about the EFI, it is down as 114bhp in my notes - I just didn't use them!

The original 2L Cortina Pinto engine was 98 bhp and when the Mk1 RS2000 was created it was the same engine but had 100 bhp - with the extra 2 bhp coming from fitting an electric fan. I remember that from the original road test (that I now have a copy of). There were a number of other carburettor variants, some more powerful and some less powerful (e.g. Transit), with the Mk2 RS2000 (105bhp) and the Sierra (103bhp) but I have seen 109bhp also mentioned for the later Mk2 RS2000.

So I still think you have under-claimed there Ed.

Just checked Wikipedia which said 113hp for the Pinto EFI. Piper do claim +12hp for the cam but I wouldn't like to make any claims on the head work, especially since I've never had the head off (seen the wrong side of way too many Saab heads now). I think she would benefit from a bit of a tune up, check the ignition and cam timing, set the mixture properly with the adjustable fuel pressure regulator but she goes fine as is. Feels way more spiritely than the S60 D5 I'm running about in at the moment.

best of luck ....seems a very fair price.

Taken a deposit yesterday from a lovely chap in Huddersfield. I've just bought a 9000 Carlsson so I'm still going to be busy. Let's hope this one repels trees better.

Be sorry to see you Duttonless Ed, Make sure you introduce her new carer to us looneys :)

See it's up for sale on the eBay again.

Had a feeling that might happen. Don't really know why the chap was so coy about it, it was only at the end he asked to fill in the trader part of the V5. Good luck to him, I'm curious to see what it makes on auction.


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