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Nice Car

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I am in communication with the seller and also know the previous owner. If you want any info contact me direct by email or PM. 



I'll lend you my spares car if it makes you feel better :)

Nice S2 there.

Hi Fellas, just found this Sierra on ebay and its guaranteed to end up in a breakers yard unless someone with deep pockets can collect it this weekend. Its 10 miles or less from me in Lancashire but there is no way I will be able to store or purchase it (gutted, you'll understand if you read the spec) Someone on here give it a good home, engine and box alone got to be worth a grand. Happy to turn up on Sunday and help shift it onto a trailer this end if needed. Go on... you know you want to..

I am currently conversing with the owner by ebay message if anyone wants to ask any questions..... hint hint

I didn't get an answer from the seller and it sold for £531, net result probably broken for the parts. I was on a job when the auction ended and couldn't use my phone.

Melos hard top

someone may want this.....

I have a bell housing that is a v6 bell housing (about 1 + 1/2" taller) in my garage. I often get to the trafford park area...... (spent the night here last night) we could work something out. ......

don't think so wayne looks like its part of the casing

Closer to James I think, he,'ll probably buy it, being a rich old Northerner, well, he is to me 

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-sierra-cosworth-mt75-gearbox-for-esc... heres one near me, in fact I may pay him a visit and flash some cash :-)

I have changed 3 type 9's in the past year on kit cars, all failed or failed to deliver.  All went back to rocket box. Ford's were renown for their gearboxes until they went to the 9's. MT's seem OK.


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