Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I need photo's of Dutton chassis, bare chassis if possible, unmodified if possible and they need to be done to a set of specs, anybody that can help?

I am going to get them drawn up in a CAD package so that you, the club member, can download a sectional picture and then sketch any modifications you wish to make on a plan before making them. I am going to start with my Phaeton chassis when I next go over the lock up, i'll post the photo's up so you can all see what I need. I will also need some measurements taken in millimetres so they can be drawn to scale. 

Anyone with a currently bare chassis project please get in touch and I'll give you details in advance.

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Thought I would start measuring up the chassis for you Ade. Did a doodle as you asked, started associating letters with componant parts, ran out of letters! so thought I would count the seperate parts that go to make up the S2 Chassis, just to check how many alphabets I need ........... Standard Phaeton S2 Chassis has 69 seperate pieces, my modification adds another 46.

I'm gonna need a bigger bit of paper :-)   Oh just thought about 2 more bits !!    Think I will do it in Roman numerals   .... That'l get you goin.

No wonder the later chassis were simpler.

You only need to map one side if an element appears both sides (as most will) then just prefix it with an L so I know there is a right side too. Would that cut down the numbers?.

Ade, I will be modelling up some of my Malaga B+, not the whole chassis yet, over the next few days.  Can you tell me what formats (file extensions) the cad your using can accept and what it can export to see if we can exchange data directly.  I use Solidworks (for my design work) which is quite good at working with a wide range of formats.

If anyone was interested I may be able to use the data with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to look at chassis stiffness.

Im using freecad 

The only option I have for saving is *.FCStd which seems a bit strange as a file type.

Supported formats for import include dxf, igs, iges, step, stp, brep, brp, oca, gcad,svg, but I don't trust myself to experiment yet.

I tried importing a POV file and it just came up with loads of text, freecad is predominantly 'wysiwyg' from what I can work out and i've not had enough practice with it yet to interpret.

The freecad website id offline at the moment so I can't see any details.  When I've measured and modelled some bits I'll email you a step file to try importing - that format should transfer the 3D form as solid objects.

Gents, I can use CAD and have access to all full versions of CAD. I'm not a draughtsman by trade but I have a wizz kid who I can pass sketches which he can knock up in minutes if that helps?


Thanks John, might be taking you up on that offer as I will openly admit to struggling with anything other than the basic stuff on the earlier pages.

I will happily upload the file of the melos/phaeton chassis to be completed or expanded upon as it is 1:1 scale measured in millimetres.

Adrian, Email me the file and I'll forward to the guy to have a play with it.

Hi. Is the CAD drawings still available? I need one of a Phaeton

I'll have a look but I uploaded a jpg of it on here.

Would be much appreciated if you have a cad file that could be modified :-)

Ade's drawing is a S3 Phaeton / melos chassis. Your profile picture looks more like S1/S2 to me, Kent. The crossmembers of the engine bay look rather high (which is the case for S1 and S2). Maybe it's just the image quality and my, yet, little knowledge of Dutton variations. But to be sure, there is a good DOC article about the different models.


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