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I need a little Help !!!!

The rear axle from Alexas Malaga is down,

The 650km journey through the Swiss mountains and passes were a bit too much for the little banjo axle.

Wheel bearings and seals must be replaced.

Now I need to know, what year and what type of the axis.
The following is the differential.

73 AG 402 SCAT 3 I


Width: 1205mm approx

thx for help


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Thx for help Stephen!!!  

Hi Tom
I know the 73 is the year the casting was made but my knowledge stops there.
Even fordopedia only have a drawing of it http://www.fordopedia.org/parts-catalog/escort-mk1-rs-mexico/C1.10
There is no parts list by the side to give you part details.

Hi Tom,

Too much going sideways round those twisty mountain roads :-)

Go here to burton power, they seem to be cheaper than ebay and have been working with Fords since the 1960's they should be able to help you identify your axle (pressed steel Banjo with front unloading diff in its own case = english) (cast axle with a tin cover on the rear = German) English/German refers to where they were made by the way.

From the number sounds like you have a MK1 Escort axle.


The bearings can be bought at any bearing supplier (even in Germany), just take the old ones in and they will give you the modern equivalent.

Guys you are the best :-))))))

So I have that parts ordered now for € 120 Motomobile.de
2x wheel bearing and retaining ring
1x gasket between housing and differential

Now I have to order 2x oil seals 40-55-10.
this two oil seals sitting in front of the wheel bearings.
Grrrrrrrrrr ..... everyone says it is no oil seals on the rear axle.
But at this rear axis, these oil seals are fitted.

By the way:
The diff have a translation of 3.89 to 1
Ring gear (Tellerrad) 35 teeth
The pinion (Kegelrad) 9 teeth 

The axis is from a 1100 cc or 1300 cc MK1 or MK2

Best regards from Switzerland

grrrrrrrrrr ..... without a workshop without the correct tools

and install everything on the floor ...

and the over 50 age :-(


From memory, I think the bearings with an O ring on the outside were after market copies, and used to leak, SKF bearings for the job, do not have the Oring. 



Hi Steffen,
I do not know, but I think "two times better than one." ;-)

the banjo bearings are smaller than the koln ones,  i made that mistake, and yes the aftermarket ones are the ones with the external oil seal   dont get them confused  the koln ones will go on the shaft ok but won't go back into the axle tube

 first line part is  an 0 22 for the  english axle , the koln ones are an 023

Hello Martin,

The wheel bearing which I got after 2 weeks ... :-( (((

62mm width
20mm depth

too deep / large

but whatever ...

I have this installed (120 €)

Installed 2x 1.5 mm washers (it works)

Dry run make

it works.

'll Still build spacers.



Sounds like you got the Kohn  bearing, Yes, i found out the hard way, its very confusing, because the German  bearing looks exactly  like english axle bearing as originally fitted  and is too large  

What does not fit is made to fit....  We are Duttoners  ;-)

When I'm back home .. I build an adapter flange ....

I have already ordered two steel plate 4x100x100mm

so the bigger wheel bearings fit.

Thats why we love us Cars.....   ................................it is us men`s world :-)))))


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