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Question 1 - Will this fit an MT75 box?

Question 2 - Car's currently sporting an 1800 CVH. Given the similarity between the CVH and Zetec, would I be easier fitting one of those? 

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I've got one of these in the unit. The bolt pattern does look the same but I haven't checked it. The MT75 however will require some surgery on the underside to make it fit, its a 'pot belly box' very deep compared to a type 9.

I'm already running an MT75 on the CVH - do you mean either the I4 engine or box will need further modification to get them to mate?

Yes the bolt pattern is deffo the same. it's basically the "twinky" DOHC engine from the sierra/granada but with a 16valve head fitted, also used in the later Scorpio's and Galaxy but in 2.3 litre form.

That's happy news. I thought i'd have to go and fork out for a six speed mazda unit, phew.

Mine is a 2.3 block from a Galaxy with RS cams ... 

Yes will fit an MT75 as its basically the same as 2.3 Scorpio engine. You'll need to use the scorpio flywheel and clutch if you go that route or use the 1.8 cvh flywheel and type 9 box. MK1/2 mx5 box can be 'grafted' on but its not straight forward as you have to make an adapter plate.


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