Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

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Applies to 'age related plate' vehicles including kit and component vehicles, Q plates will not be exempt neither will vehicles that have been 'radically altered' from stock.

Kits were mentioned in there, but not conclusively. Hoping they're included, I'll be able to shove some decent tyres on the Phaeton and go for a spin!

An intresting read thanks

So, having read this a few times, I still am not 100% sure if it applies to me.

Car's a S3 Phaeton, registered as such, and is on the donor vehicle reg (1974 - M plate).

Do I get away with the annual stress-fest known as the MoT?


No. Has to be pre 1960 as the rules currently stand.

If it was still the donor car it would be eligible for historic VED exemption, however it is classed as 'radically altered' so if you try for it they may suck you in and issue a Q plate. This is currently a very grey area and still under discussion. These new rules are currently a 'proposal' and not set in stone yet. They do have the power to require retrospective compulsory testing 

My advice is to avoid applying for historic VED as may eventually put you off the road and/or require a test, possibly even a full IVA. I'm still looking into this and it may be very detrimental to all non Q plated kits in the future. 

That's a pity - so you're recommending that I don't even claim free road tax once if I put it on the road?

If you register as a VHI then you will be under the microscope. They are chasing 'lost revenue' cases where the DVLA think they have been defrauded (thats on top of the rules changes they are seeking to bring in) so attempting to claim VED exemption is likely to trigger a response. 

My Sierra is in the same position, K plate donor reg, 1980's kit and it's already historic so I have no choice but to see what happens next year. Best case is that nothing happens and i'll just carry on. Worst case is IVA as 'radically altered' which would mean one less Sierra on the road as there is no way that would be IVA compliant.

recent conversations with the DVLA over er..... similar subject material..... they told me that the IVA for "older" vehicles would be on an "age appropriate" basis.

them saying that wont make it so, but that's what the retention's and the kits and specials departments told me. if such a test even exists i have not been able to ascertain but they are aware that old cars previously legal on the road in the UK should not be legislated off by rules changes....

Even if the IVA is age appropriate then that puts the responsibility on you to prove the age of said vehicle. You know they won't settle for 'late 70's'. It's going to be very difficult to grade the tests for Hot Rods and kt cars alike. So many variables. 

Maybe she can just continue to be a trailer queen then, for now! Thanks for the advice lad

Cheers Roy, sometime feel like the Harbinger of Doom with this DVLA stuff. They're a strange bunch.

Indeed. I get the impression they struggle with their own rules sometimes!

Glad we've got you to act as interpreter!


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