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TURBO F1-Z Supercharger Dual Double Turbonator Air Intake Fuel Saver Turbo Charger Fan


I am thinking about buying this to put on my Phaeton to help increase the horsepower: https://www.wish.com/#cid=57e27aa0a2e14135e5368e06. Do you folks think that this may make a difference on my old girl?

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Its a wish.com page and you cant view it without logging in.

Its an electric fan that causes a draught into the carb. I don't know of any scientific reason why this would work any better than an oversize duct forcing air into the carb. You would need to alter jets and mixture settings.

In a word - No. I couldn't follow the link without creating an account, so I can't be sure what it is but it looks like an electric fan. In order to make any noticeable difference you'd need it to have a 50 Watt motor, which I think could give you about 1psi of boost. That would give you 5 bhp maybe but your carburettor would need to be put in an air tight box and to have the jets changed, otherwise the increased air pressure in the throttle would push the fuel back into the float chamber. Blow through carburettors are pretty difficult unless they were designed for it and there were very few of those. Renault 5 turbo is the only one that I can think of.

Agreed. Pressurised carbs have always appeared to give a disproportional amount of grief compared to the benefit they give!

And these electric turbos are just a bit... sad. You may as well buy some magic fairly dust and sprinkle it on the rocker cover while blessing it with the power of jeebus.

I looked at those calculations again and I reckon it would need to be more like 150 W to get you 1 psi. I haven't seen a power figure in the adverts. Amazon says that it runs at 55,000 rpm which sounds impressive until you compare it with a turbocharger.

I remember years back a drag rail with a A series engine ran with a cylinder vacuum cleaner attached to the blow end through a 2" SU carb. No idea what it did but it was in HotCar and CustomCar at the time.

"Fuel Gas Saver Inflating Acceleration Pipe" More made up name science!

D.A.G.E.S .... Drivers Anal Gas Expulsion System.

Evidently this has been tried before... with leaf blowers... five of them.


That was an interesting video. I reckon that they shouldn't have connected the blowers into one pipe but have separate pipes all meeting at the intake. That'd give them more airflow.

Those two do some insane stuff...

These have been tested by a performance car magazine......they actually gave lower performance that the standard set up.

The  fans actually restrict the flow of air after only a few thousand rpm engine speed.


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