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750MC January Autotest, 08/01/17

Evening chaps,

Just a quick report from the weekend. Well, I drove like a complete tube. Out of 9 competitors the only guys I beat were the two complete novices that I chucked into the Dutton, and one of them was bloody close to making me look bad. 

On the plus side, the modifications have cost me a feckin' fortune, but have obviously been worth it. The fact that someone could just jump into a car with no experience and run me close shows how much more compliant…


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Happy New Year! And some updates...

First up guys, a big thanks for the guidance and well-natured abuse that I've received from you all over the last year. I hope 2017 brings you all good health and good fortune.

Right, back to business...

** Updates 07/01/17! **

As you've probably seen from the photos, the Phaeton's coming to the end of it's winter modifications. Still a bit to do though:

  • Chassis brace incorporating…

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