Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

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mmm time to fit a fire extinguisher to my melos....yup

Very messy

Such a shame. Problem being the average fire extinguisher would not cope with a kit car fire. I had mine stolen from the dashboard clip while parked on a cliff top, found it later fully discharged, probably kids. I now have it hidden in the boot, but time I get to it, who knows? 2.5 Halton, maybe it needs plumbing in.

i think ill get one anyway. they got some really meaty ones at halfords..

Thats how I lost Legerra #1, nothing to do with the car catching fire by itself though as it was ignited by a stray firework evidently.

I carry a halon (BCF) in both cars. Just have to be sure to take a deep breath before letting rip and moving out of range before inhaling again... Dam effective at killing fires though. (and any oxygen breathing life forms too)

I have some photo's of the remains but they were taken with a very crap digital camera...

Well spotted that man!

I like the bit at the bottom of the article !     .......... 'Dutton Phaetons, which trade today for around £3000, were built in Sussex until 1989' 

I was just thinking the same,. Paul, not much to salvage off that one. Very sad to see it go but at least no one was injured.

Fire fighters are covert arsonist, they love things burning :-))


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