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Have no fear, myself the s2 project nor the s1 are going anywhere but the s1 was collected on a low loader Tuesday for a trip to the rolling road specialist. Taking bets through on actually what the essex will be producing. 138bhp original but what has 34 years done to it. Hopefully have some impressive results soon to post. S2 made good progress too recently so update to follow soon too.

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Are you having something done to the engine or have you done something to the engine? Or is this just out of curiosity.

Put simply Paul it's running like a dog and I'm not an expert on old engines. I had a go at tappets once and don't even want to play carbs. This chap will do it all including timing etc. to me it's worth the money as it will become reliable again as it was for years. All it needs is setting up I believe but I'm happy to admit what I don't know and won't bullshit that I'm an expert. This things seem to be as much about touch and feel which comes with experience and I don't have that. Give me an ecu with port to laptop. I don't even have the tools for setting up as all my cars were electronic.

yeh but the disadvantage is it weighs as much as a planet and isn't vey powerful

Cheers daryl. It does sound awesome in my mind too. :)
GOOD news. The car has survived the rolling road and works well in told. 20 more ponies been found too so basically I'm told its putting out what a new engine would have. BAD news, still to pay but at this time it's around the £200 mark which was for new quality points condenser rocket cover gaskets timing done tappets done and rolling roaded. Carb tweaked of course but he may need to give it once over for another 50. He also collected it in that price. Sweeeeeeet.

Can't complain at that John.  Do you know if he does mapping on Omex systems? 

Hi Paul. Yeah certainly no complaints here. His words when I first first called him and said needed an engine setting up was "it ain't that modern crap with ecu's is it!" So guess he can't/wont but I will certainly ask him coz he is a clever guy and if he can't im positive he will know/recommend someone.
So the S1 is back. Very over excited. All work done including a carb fiddle in the end. This guy is mustard. What a difference. Total cost is 250 but what's the point owning a car if it doesn't work properly or is unreliable. It's now a beast again. Series of Sybil chart for you all now if you're a bit geeky!! End result, 108 bhp at flywheel and 175ft/lbs torque originally when he collected her. Now 159bhp at flywheel 127bhp at wheels and 219ft/lbs at flywheel. In other words. Sweeeeeeet.
Charts 2,3 and finished product. Happy days!!!!!
Charts didn't upload properly. Number 3
Most important one. As she is now.


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