Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

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This is my 'home circuit'. I shall be there. We can register for a club pitch on the CKC stand at Stoneleigh. Who else is up for this in their Dutton? I got up to 98.77mph on the straight in my Legerra, but DOC members would know that already (if they didn't fall asleep reading the article).

lol, Never seen a kit car show in Florida.

That's sounds very much like you are setting a challenge Mr Doulton   

You'd probably have to take a spark plug out if you wanted a close race with me, but that wouldn't stop me trying!

James you would walk all over a Phaeton  with him driving it , you would have a huge weight advantage well in your favour

You shouldnt have any problems in accepting the challenge then Daryl !!! 

No not with a proper race circuit  Sherry

So I spoke to the nice people on the CKC stand at Stoneleigh. On the basis of the showing that we had last year, I reserved a pitch with free tickets for 5 display cars - that's my Legerra and 4 other Duttons. So who else is interested? If there are more than 5 fairly firm takers then I believe that I can still get more free tickets, up to a maximum of 10.

I'm a provisional dependant on how much of the other car I can get done. If I can get it back to body on stage then I'll have room to fettle the green one.

Count me in James, I'm free! well, very cheap anyway :-))

We are planning to be there. That'll be the Blue Phaeton (and a yellow Stylus)

Just found a couple of the posh ones are going, so I can form a wagon train up and back.  Picking up a few on route:-))


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