Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

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So the latest position is that I am waiting for Adam Wilkins to get back this weekend from a week away from the office. He has promised to send me the free car passes for kit car drivers. I have asked for 8 but Noddy isn't going to make it and I think that Liam Bourne might be interested in the spare slot.

The current list of kit car drivers is:

Me, Roger Barr, Steve Kerswell, Adrian Southgate, Nick Carlin, Matt Pegrum and Steve Pegrum, Liam Bourne.

I might be able to get a couple of extra passes but 10 is the limit for free passes. Last year I got 10 passes and only 3 of us actually made it on the day, so we will see what happens.

I will post out the tickets when I get them. Please make sure that I have your address by sending it in a PM.

Sorry James can't make it this time as already have plans for next Saturday.

Nope, Sat in a pub again, and the wife found it on face ache, I don't go there :-) seems a bit petty, putting this on the day after the coombe. Maybe it's to far for some ?? Not coming back til Wednesday now, enjoying my "honeymoon" :-))

Sat in a pub eating stuffed Turbot, stuffed with prawns and mussels, yummy !!

They ain't got no oysters, like that stupid football team ain't got no goals, reckon they need a lesson from our rugby boys :-)))

Presscott hillclimb on 25th. June as well, May pop in there as well, seeing its local.

I have finally got the tickets for this Action Day. Who wants a ticket sent to them? The list I have is:

me, Roger Barr, Matt & Steve Pegrum, Adrian Southgate, Steve Kerswell, Nick Carlin. I think I only have addresses for Roger, Ade, Steve and Nick.

Steve and Matt should be on the database for the last DT, if not i am sure they will PM you or you could PM them....

Is there some sort of a plan to meet up before the opening or is it every man for himself?

I have no contact details for Steve and/or Matt other than sending a PM on here, which I did on Sunday.

I plan (hope) to leave 'ere about 7ish. 2 hour trip, but I'm in escort/convoy with some other kits who could be stopping for breakfast etc. They aint able to haul for long distances, they get cramp and claustrophobic, have to stop for a fag etc. :-))

The site opens at 7am. I shall be there in time to set up my gazebo for 9am. We enter by the Yellow gate which I think is where I have drawn the yellow arrow on the picture below. Our pitch is K24 but there is no map of what that means.

I think it easier to just turn up rather than to meet up first, that avoids complications if someone is late etc.


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