Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

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LAST ORDERS! So far I have 5 free car passes and 7 possible kit cars:

 James Doulton - Dutton Legerra,

 Roger Barr - Dutton Phaeton,

 Matt Pegrum - Dutton Pheaton,

 Steve Pegrum - Ginetta,

 Steve Kerswell - Dutton B-Type,

 Adrian Southgate - Dutton Legerra,

 Martin Butler - Dutton Melos.

The free passes ONLY apply to kit cars, so if you come in a tin top on the day then you'll have to pay and park with the general public.

The drivers get in free but passengers are £12 in advance, or £15 on the day.

Track sessions are 15 minutes and cost £35 on the day (whatever the time of the session). We can book individual track time in advance which can either be between 11am and 4pm at £30 per car or £25 per car at other times (9am-11am, 4pm-5pm).

There are also two 'parade' sessions: Slow Parade £10 per car in advance, £15 on the day; Fast Parade £15 per car in advance, £20 on the day.

I'm going to request the extra two car tickets unless I hear to the contrary. To book anything else in advance, I will need some of YOUR money!

I'm in :-)

I'm going with my son. But my phaeton is no where near rebuilt :(

So the latest position is that I am waiting for Adam Wilkins to get back this weekend from a week away from the office. He has promised to send me the free car passes for kit car drivers. I have asked for 8 but Noddy isn't going to make it and I think that Liam Bourne might be interested in the spare slot.

The current list of kit car drivers is:

Me, Roger Barr, Steve Kerswell, Adrian Southgate, Nick Carlin, Matt Pegrum and Steve Pegrum, Liam Bourne.

I might be able to get a couple of extra passes but 10 is the limit for free passes. Last year I got 10 passes and only 3 of us actually made it on the day, so we will see what happens.

I will post out the tickets when I get them. Please make sure that I have your address by sending it in a PM.

Sorry James can't make it this time as already have plans for next Saturday.

Dunno ask me another Mr K , Thought you were not back till tomorrow or was it raining -:)

Nope, Sat in a pub again, and the wife found it on face ache, I don't go there :-) seems a bit petty, putting this on the day after the coombe. Maybe it's to far for some ?? Not coming back til Wednesday now, enjoying my "honeymoon" :-))

Sat in a pub eating stuffed Turbot, stuffed with prawns and mussels, yummy !!

Madam on Oysters ???

They ain't got no oysters, like that stupid football team ain't got no goals, reckon they need a lesson from our rugby boys :-)))

Presscott hillclimb on 25th. June as well, May pop in there as well, seeing its local.


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