Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Guys, is just me and my steam-driven computer, but have we lost the message board on the DOC site ??    :o))))

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Thanks Steve,  something's not kosher here, have tried every link I can find and It still won't connect !! If they want me to shut up and be quiet, all they need to do is ask and not pull the plug on me !! :o))))

Seems ok from my end

All good my end.

In fact Ive just posted.

Then it must be my steam-driven laptop that's not playing the game. Will have to look into it !! 

Well it was working fine for me last week, but on Friday, when i tried to access it to check for any updates etc,  i got bounced onto the fake java page and it would not let me close it, i tried closing it , but it still managed  to downloaded malwear onto my system, luckily enough my anti virus program caught it, so no harm done,

but now i can not open any posts  on the message board  without getting this Java update page ,  i then have to close the entire page and go back to chrome  and run anti virus to ensure nothing has got through,   not happy. :(((


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