Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd share this with you all, I had these made for my car so its now got its identity back.

They may not quite be 100% but they are a very good representation of the original.

What do you think?

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They look good. Are they stickers? Did you design them? What did they cost?

Thank you,

Yes they are stickers and my son who is studying graphics drew them up to be as close to original as we could get them, they were then printed straight from the file that he produced.

I had other things done at the same time but it looks like they cost me about £5.50 each and I have got a couple of spares.

At last someone has made them in the correct colour.

So Neville, are you going to do these 'retail' or are your's a one off?  If they can be produced in a small quantity then I'm sure we could persuade the committee to get some for the club. How much, how many etc etc?

Hi Adrian, I have 5 spare if anyone needs any, I hadn't intended to sell them myself but if the club wishes to buy a batch the company I used has a minimum order price of £35 but if your order is over that you just pay per badge/sticker.

I spent £100 with them but I had some alternative design Dutton badges done as well and some Phaeton S3 script done which I've yet to put on.

Im also having some new ones made. Any chance you could let me know the exact dimensions of them?

Hey Guys, I'm pretty sure they were 150mm x 25mm which is the size of the raised part of the gelcoat.


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