Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Not sure if this really qualifies as 'technical' but my freshly painted Melos needs some Dutton badges. I've asked Pete Brown and he's kindly having a search for me but can't lay his hands to them immediately, plus I've emailed the DOC but no reply.

I know I've seen them on eBay before but none listed currently. Does anyone have any of these or can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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why use old dutton badges they look crap. use some chrome lettering :-)

Odd as it may sound, I want to stick to original. Ideally the brown-on-black ones that came off it – like this:

They wern't brown on black to start with its the 'silver' that turns brown in the sun.

Oh interesting. Quite like the effect...

I sent these to Brian. :-)

I have the details for the chap that was selling them, i'll dig them out for you.

Who did you try to contact at the DOC? some of the email addresses are unmanned at present.

Thanks Adrian, very much appreciated. It was the 'regalia@' address if that helps.

I thought I had him on my 'saved sellers' list but apparently not :(     

I was also sure I had email messages from him as I asked about the chrome wrapped Sierra he owns... apparently they don't exist either :((

Stupid question really but are we (the DOC that is) supposed to carry stock of these or was it just on the off chance?

They are listed as for sale on the website: http://www.duttonownersclub.co.uk/regalia.html so there's hope! I'll give Pete Brown another call in a few days too. Him and I worked together to rebuild the car (and on some of my other cars too) a few summers ago so he'll be keen to see the paint progress anyway I'm sure.

I'll check with Pete Loynes who currently caretakes our regalia stock and see if he has any. I haven't seen any at the last few shows though.

I've been looking for badges since I resprayed my car, Pete Brown was looking for them for me too, so any other contacts you guys have would be appreciated.

I'm after 2 of the smaller size badge.

lol, These look pretty good.


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