Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is ok to post. I am reluctantly selling my Dutton Phaeton S3 and here is the link to it;




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It is a pity to sell such a nice car but if you are not getting the opportunities to enjoy it then it will just get you down, so it is probably best to let it go.

Just a quick question for my own curiosity, but if it's an S3 should it not have Escort front suspension and not Triumph?

That does have ford lower arms and ARB, upper wishbones are Dutton, upper ball joints are austin maxi, we would class that as ford based.

Didn't the s3 have the option of having the triumph top wishbone instead of the Dutton ?

Cheers Adrian - didn't think of looking through the photos, just read "Triumph front suspension" but saw "S3" in the description, which didn't make sense.


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