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Been playing with a friends kit car, its a Spar**n, lovely condition, just needed the pedal box sorting to fit his frame. Its powered by a 2.1 Pinto built on a 205 block, unleaded head its got a FR32 cam and a DA distributor plus a V6 twin choke carb set up for the Pinto, hydraulic clutch into a type E gearbox. All set up correctly by the local tuning ace and rolling roaded. I have to say I'm impressed, this thing just takes off and pulls all the way to 7000rpm. Its still on a cast manifold and a 2" pipe. I reckon its quicker then by B+, despite its extra weight. One really well sorted Pinto, downside is it cant tick over below1300rpm, drinks a drop of juice but does give a lot of smiles per mile. Pictures will follow once I've put it all back together :-)

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carb is rejetted 38 DGAS, putting out just over 130bhp. I may just have to road test it again before I remove the pedals :-))

The Melos I had with a pinto I fitted a 38dgas and had it setup on a rolling road. Engine was standard otherwise, made 110bhp at the fly and went very well

I've found the figures 106.5bhp @ the fly (81.4bhp at the wheels) and 119.7 lb/ft of torque

Cameras cooked at moment. Some knob head left it out in the rain, didn't I. Wonder if I could microwave it ? :)

Put it in a bowl of rice for a day or so to try and draw the moisture out

Or silica gel packs if you can blag some.

Stand it on top of a radiator after taking the battery out and put the gel pack on top of it, leave it overnight.

Sat down last night and read the full spec of this motor. Lot of time and effort went into picking and balancing the whole internals, even given the rods weight and how they weigh at each end. Piston machining, port capacity etc. Really well put together, no wonder it revs. Even the gearbox has had a lot of internal work done. Quite envious, wish my bank balance would allow me to build a blueprinted engine or rather to get one built and finished.

Sounds similar to the blueprinted engine we built for 'FDD' though we used forged pistons and an RL22 cam. 142bhp@5900 but pulled like a train everywhere. Probably more power if we'd gone the twin 45/48 route but they are too expensive.

Big Vern, this just says new V6 pistons machined and balanced and weighed. I presume he means all way the same

way??? weigh :-))

oooh no don't use V6 cologne pistons there not up to the mean piston speed in a pinto


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