Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Well yesterday was the day. Phaeton project has now finally gone to a new home, don't worry it is someone on here and I'll leave that person to identify themselves if they wish and the project too.

It could be said I have simply been the custodian of the car as it could so easily have gone to landfill.

Glad it has gone to someone who will do something with it and look forward to seeing it finished,

So with no current or likely future Dutton interests I will probaly not be on here much in the future.

(thank f%^& they all cried LOL)

Regards BV

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I'm new to the Dutton scene, but it does strike me as something you can't shake off easily. A terminal disease, if you will. The symptoms just keep on resurfacing! Ha ha!

If I'm wrong then do take care of yourself lad.


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