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Hi, first post on the site. I've got a Legerra which came with both the hard and the soft tops, but it seems that there was some sort of metal frame which clipped onto the roll bar in order to support the soft top. Does anyone have any photos or technical drawings of this part so I might try to replicate it?



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I am sure Adrian Southgate will be along shortly with info on the roof bar. I am seeing him later I'll ask him.

As predicted, here I am.

Right then young man. I have a roof bar which I can measure up and photograph for you.

Do you have the fibreglass cover for the roll bar?

If you fit the roof now is it snug front to back or saggy?

the roll bar has two vertical metal tubes welded on the front edge, these are to support the roof bar.

you will need a bit of steel tube to fit inside these tubes and the same width as the gap between the pipes + half the distance to the windscreen each side + 6 inches per side for bends. Adjust this length to allow for having to put a bend in over your head (or around it) a bit of pipe lagging to wrap over will be a good idea too.

its a good idea to work out where your head will be when seated first and then make sure the tube will be either in front or behind your head. I'm not as tall as you and i keep touching my head on the bar.

I'll write you up a set of instructions on how to measure the bends if you need them.

I'll also see if I have a photo of the bar when fitted to the car so you can see the general idea of the fitted item.

Thanks for the replies!

At the moment the roof sags around the doors. The roll bar is exposed; no fibreglass cover. It would be extremely helpful to see what the support should look like, as what we've started to build sounds slightly different.

We're working on using three sections of stainless steel pipe within plastic conduit, one bar down each side of the car from the tubes on the roll bar right up to the windscreen (planning on adding some sort of protruding bolt from the top of the windscreen to push the tube onto) and across the centre with a third rod across the centre that will push into the middle bars by means of a conduit T junction. I'll upload a diagram to clarify what we're thinking shortly.


Thanks again!

I got a perfect picture in my head Ed.

I know exactly what you mean.

This design would work, possibly better than the original one piece unit. I'd go with it in 10mm copper with soldered joints just to see if it worked then once you have a template it will be easier to make the SS one. Forget the plastic conduit though. Use closed cell pipe lagging (air con engineers use this type NOT plumbers stuff its too easily damaged)

As for the roll bar cover, they are rocking horse poo. I do have one on my car but not on the spares car.

If I can make a mould of mine it would probably be a marketable item as I know of a few legerra's without them.

to keep the roof taught in the mean time use more closed cell foam wrapped around the top section of the bar between those two uprights. I would suggest a camping mattress cut down to fit, you may have to use two or three layers to make it thick enough to take the slack out of the roof.

Crikey I'm surprised anyone could understand that, I just read it back to myself. We should definitely sleep!

So I've uploaded some photos of the bar arrangement in my car.

I'm used to understanding weird descriptions, comes with doing customer service calls on computers.

0068 is the passenger side mounting point, the blue stuff is heat shrink tube, the black stuff is air con insulating, very soft foam which compresses rather than distorts the roof vinyl.

0069 shows the gap between the bar and the top of the door.

0070 general shot of the roof bar from the drivers side, note the bend in the pipe to bring it into line with the top of the door.

0071 shows the overhang from the front, its a good half an inch either side past the top of the frame.

0071 same from the rear, also showing the roll bar cover and centre brake light.

0073 close up of the top of the door and window frame N/S

0074 close up of the top of the door and window frame O/S

0075 inside with the roof up.

Thanks very much for the pictures, have been very useful. Think we'll go ahead with extending to the windscreen. Your dash is a lot classier than mine!

4cyl capri cluster and front plastics, pulled the padded foam insert off and bought a stainless steel one off ebay australia. Only problem is I have to re fix it every year as the stainless expands and breaks the glue.

I'm looking at extending my roof bars too, Now you have mentioned it those extra side bars will help keep the weather out as mine does leak.

I've looked in the garage and found that I still have some foam padding if you need it.(both the roll bar padding and the tubing for the roof support.)

If you fancy a run out to Bolton at some point your welcome to raid the garage for stuff as I am having a clear out soon.

I'm definitely up for a run out to see another Legerra, when are good times for you?

weekends are normally best, time off during the week is a no go.

If your going to make a day out of it, bring the Mrs and i'll get some of the other 'locals' on board, go and have lunch at the local sunday 'biker hangout'

Anyone else in for a good feed up rivi barn and a rummage through my garage? (ooh err mrs)


Ed, got any plans to run over tomorrow (sunday 23rd) need to know as her indoors want to make plans.


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